14 Bollywood Actors And Their Hollywood Counterparts Based On Talent

Bollywood and Hollywood is much like comparing Shashi Kapoor with Shashi Tharoor. It is not prudent to do so. But hear me out just for laughs.

Folks who love watching Hollywood films love comparing how it is better than Bollywood. But what if we turned the table. While the content of Bollywood industry still needs some fine-tuning to match with Hollywood, we can all agree we have some great actors!

These Bollywood actors have some respectable performances under their belt, but have you ever wondered who their Hollywood counterparts are?

Purely on the basis of the kind of movies, they have chosen and their acting skills, this is what the comparison would look like.

#1.  Amitabh Bachchan – Morgan Freeman

If there is any veteran actor who embodies the spirit of Amitabh Bachchan, it is Morgan Freeman. They both share a God-like aura. In fact, Bruce Almighty starring Freeman was remade into a Bollywood film God Tussi Great Ho, where both played the same characters. Both these legends are also known for their epic voices as well.

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#2. Akshay Kumar – Tom Cruise

Akshay Kumar and Tom Cruise both had the loverboy images and then moved on to star in really commercial action films.

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#3. Ranveer Singh Jared Leto

Crazy hairstyles, wackier clothes and a general hyper persona, Ranveer and Jared Leto have more things in common than we can imagine. One thing that remains for Ranveer Singh to do is to start his own rock band.

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#4. Ranbir KapoorRyan Gosling

Both have a penchant for choosing coming-of-age romantic roles and they both possess great command in expressing deep emotions. While Ryan Gosling chooses messed up characters, Ranbir Kapoor chooses the roles of dude who is finding his way in the world.

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#5. Hrithik RoshanBradley Cooper

Let’s admit it, if there is to be a Hrithik Roshan in Hollywood, no one can take the spot other than Bradley Cooper. Just take a moment to look at them.

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#6. Aamir KhanJohnny Depp

Both are known for their dedication towards the role. To be honest, Aamir Khan does a much better job in this department, and every film Aamir Khan does is a box office hit unlike Mr. Depp. One thing they share in common is reinventing themselves to fit in various roles.

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#7. Salman KhanVin Diesel

Salman Khan and Vin Diesel have moved on from lighthearted movies in their hay days and choose to do more action hero roles, today. I think they share the same spirit animal and are strong industry veterans.

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#8. Shah Rukh Khan – Tom Hanks

They have been part of some of the most generation-defining classics. From a Sleepless in Seattle to Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, they have established themselves as respectable stalwarts.

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#9. John Abraham –  Jason Mamoa

Their body of work is their bodies.

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#10. Irrfan Khan Robert Downey Jr

Both of these personify the suave gentleman role. They are great with masala entertainers and also doing serious character roles.

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#11. Nawazuddin SiddiquiDaniel Day-Lewis

While seeming from the looks, they seem like polar opposites. However, there is no other actor from either industry who can break down the character and get under their skin like these two.

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#12. Anupam KherRobert DeNiro

Both have played fun dad roles, both have played anti-heroes. They make any character believable onscreen.

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#13. Naseeruddin ShahAl Pacino

Naseeruddin Shah can get just as badass as Al Pacino. They can switch from a grey character just as easily.

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#14. Varun DhawanZac Efron

They share the same kind of stardom. They are heartthrobs who do masala entertainers for the massy audience. They, however, do manage to sneak in a performance-based film in between. Their onscreen presence is hard to ignore.

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What are your thoughts, any better choices come to mind?

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