14 Facts About Arun Gawli Before You Book Your Tickets For ‘Daddy’

If you haven’t watched the trailer for the upcoming political crime drama, ‘Daddy’ starring Arjun Rampal, perhaps, it’s time I say Good Morning! Watch the trailer right now! The Arun Gawli biopic has finally hit the screens this Friday and has already been reviewed to be one of the finest performances by Arjun Rampal.


The movie is based on the famous gangster Arun Gawli, who joined ‘Byculla company’, a gang led by Rama Naik and Babu Reshim that operated in Byculla, Parel and Saat Rasta in Mumbai. The gang was also involved in the power struggle with Dawood Ibrahim’s gang, D-Company.

And before you make plans to watch the movie, here are few facts about Arun Gawli that would leave you stunned and surely get you itching to get in the theaters next month.


Born to Gulab Gawli and Laxmibai in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, Arun Gawli could not complete his matriculation due to lack of finances. His father Gulabrao had moved from Khandwa in Madhya Pradesh to Dagdi Chawl in Mumbai in the early 1950s.



In 1970’s when the mills started calling on strikes, Gawli joined hands with Babu Reshim and Rama Naik to form the Byculla gang that later rose to Mumbai’s underworld. The gang operated around Byculla, Parel, Chinchpokli, Lalbaug, and Dadar.




Gawli fell in love with Zubeida Mujawar and married her against his family’s wishes. She later became Asha Gawli and initially stayed away from Arun’s job.

It was later that she finally surrendered to her husband’s constant trips to jail and took over the reign, becoming his most trusted lieutenant.  Later she started being called as ‘Mummy’!



#4 During his reign, Gawli took up the task of settling financial disputes and provided security to his contractor friend. In return, he demanded a flat 50% commission or properties in newly constructed buildings.

It was during this time that Gawli was given the daunting task of Dawood Ibrahim’s protection.



During the 1980’s, it was also known that Byculla gang supported the D-Company. However, due to some differences in Rama Naik and Dawood’s financier Sharad Shetty, the relations soured.

When Naik was killed in a police encounter in 1988, Gawli believed that it was planned by Dawood. Hence, a never-ending rivalry began.


Post the death of Naik, Gawli took over the charge making his home, Dagdi Chawl his den.

India's most wanted man, Dawood Ibrahim, poses for photos in this undated photo at an unknown location. (AP Photo)

In 1986, Gawli was arrested for the first time for murdering criminal Parasnath Pandey and Sashi Resham from the Cobra gang. It was during this time that Gawli started getting the attention for being a big thing in Mumbai underworld.

#7  Things between Gawli and Dawood became intense when Gawli’s brother Kishore was killed in 1990 by Dawood’s henchmen. In retaliation to this, Gawli got Dawood’s brother in law, Ibrahim Parkar killed.

Ibrahim Parker was Haseena Parker’s (Dawood’s sister) husband. Haseena Parker’s biopic ‘Haseeena’ starring Shraddha Kapoor hits the screens on July 14.


#8  Initially, Gawli was very close to Bal Thackeray. In a public meeting before the 1995 Maharashtra assembly elections, Bal Thackeray had said, “If the Congress has Dawood Ibrahim with them, we have Arun Gawli”. During that time, Gawli was in jail. Later the relations between the two soared as Gawli killed many of Shiv Sena’s leaders.

#9  In 2004, Gawli contested the Assembly elections through his own party, The Akhil Bharatiya Sena and was elected from the Chinchpokli constituency as an MLA.

#10  It was in 2007 that Gawli contracted killers to murder Shiva Sena corporator Kamlakar Jamsendekar, for which he was convicted of murder and ended up in Jail along with 7 others.


#11  Gawli’s party got a major blow when his nephew and party legislator, Sachin Ahir, came out openly against him and joined Sharad Pawar’s Nationalist Congress Party.

#12 Gawli was known to fear death even in jail. In October 2004, when he was contesting an election from Chinchpokli as an independent, Gawli refused to cast his own vote fearing senior police inspector Vijay Salaskar posted outside his home would kill him in an encounter.

#13  He would stand next to the walls every time the ceiling of his jail was cleaned, fearing he would be shot.



#14 Currently, he is lodged in Taloja Central Jail in Mumbai. At the time of his conviction, Gawli was booked in 40-odd cases for various crimes.

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