12 Words That You Must Know The Meanings Of If You Are The New Millennial

Millennials! We are the new generation, the pallbearers of change, the wanderers, the startup people, the leave IT for writing and acting people! We are the ones who don’t want to vote and we are the ones who still want change! Also, we have our own language, the slang, that only we understand while we text, the only mode of communication we have these days!

Well, if you are new to the term you have probably been living under the rock, and if you are familiar with it, there is no way you are leaving without knowing these 10 words!

1. Liptease

Think striptease is sexy enough to turn you on? Well, liptease is the new modus operandi. Just start putting on a lipstick, take it slow and feel the temperature rising!

2. Ninja Sex

Something that is a talent for sure. Having sex quietly, without making any noise so that you don’t wake up your roommate! Been there?

3. Postboned

You woke up on time but ended up having great morning sex? Totally understandable because we have a term for it now! When you get late just because you had a sexual encounter, well, that’s ‘Postboned’ for sure.

4. SUH

Remember the time when you had time to ask Whats Up? And then it became ‘Ssup’? It’s ‘SUH’ now and deal with it!

5. Sexercise

When you skip work out and would stay in bed, have sex instead.

6.  Comdomplate

When you have to contemplate about using a condom or not.

7. Snatchchat

That was exactly what Snapchat didn’t expect from itself. When you use Snapchat for sexting. And we hope you know what ‘sexting’ means!

8. Fuck it list

How we all have our personal bucket list! Well, when you have a wish list of all the people you would like to have sex with before you die, that’s a fuck it list.


You must have found this on the Instagram stickers while you post stories. Well, the word means ‘awesome’ or ‘beyond words’ just when you are short of words!

10. Doppelbanger

A sexual partner who looks a lot like you but no, he/she ain’t a relative. Have you found your doppelbanger yet?

11. Trill

Combine ‘True’ and ‘Real’ and what do you get? Trill! People!

12. JOMO

If you love to miss out on things, you clearly don’t have FOMO! So there’s JOMO for you, the ‘Joy Of Missing Out’.

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