12 Of The Most Random Things Banned In Different Parts Of The World

The world is certainly on a banning spree and no matter how silly the justification sounds, there is no stopping it! If you thought only India banned things for no reason, you’d be surprised to read this. 


Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people could do whatever they liked (Of course, not the bad things) but like have their own choice when it came to things like eating a certain variety of food or dressing in a certain way.

Well, the reality is different from what we want it to be so here’s a list of 12 things that are forbidden in different parts of the world.

1) Chewing Gum In Singapore


The ban was imposed in 1992 and since then selling and using chewing gum in Singapore has been illegal. The motive of the law was to ensure that the city remains clean. Before this ban was implemented, Singapore was full of chewing gums from elevators to gum sticking to subway doors, which even caused delays in the subway system.

2) Video Games In Greece


The idea behind this ban was to fight internet bullying and gambling but the implementation is definitely flawed. Even though it is not stated in the constitution, it still exists and one can actually can in trouble for playing a harmless video game at some local internet cafe.

3) Valentine’s Day In Saudi Arabia


The Saudi Arabian government feels that celebrating Valentine’s Day is against Islamic beliefs and hence they put a ban on all things related to it, as well as on gift items that revolve around Valentine’s, from flowers to presents and teddy bears. However, this ban did create a demand for all of these things in the black market though.

4) Emo Style In Russia


Teenagers these days tend to get carried away towards the gothic style of living but that’s not what you will get to see in Russia. The Government there believes that this can lead to depressive behavior and suicidal tendencies amongst children and hence banned this lifestyle in the country. They consider it a ‘threat to national stability’.

5) Porn Stars With Small Breasts In Australia


The Australian Classification Board (ABC) feels that women with cup size A are not really women and if someone is watching porn with the porn star having small breasts, it is an indication of the individual’ inclination towards child porn. The ABC believes that small breasts make women look like they are under 18 and hence they rejected a lot of porn movies that featured A cup sized women.

6) Fancy Haircuts In Iran


Iran is not particularly fond of the Western Culture and as a country would do anything to keep its people away from this culture’s influence. The country believes that there are certain hairstyles and haircut that are simply way too European and hence mohawks, mullets, spikes, and ponytails are illegal in Iran.

7) Yellow Clothing In Malaysia


If your favorite color is yellow, you’d probably not want to visit Malaysia because it is forbidden to wear it. In 2011, the Malaysian government banned the color yellow in clothing because it was the color of a group of opposition activists. From t-shirts to hats and for that matter even shoelaces, anything that’s yellow is banned here.

8) Baby Walkers In Canada 


Walkers have been banned in Canada since 2004 and parents supposed to teach their babies how to walk by the traditional method of holding fingers like the old-fashioned way. Research says that babies taught how to walk with walkers show delayed motor skills and hence the government decided to ban these in the country.

9) McDonald’s In Bolivia 


This law was actually an outcome of people’s decision in this country. Bolivian cuisine is all about time, love, and care, and the people actually live by these ancestral laws. Fast-food is against their beliefs and hence McDonald’s stood no chance.

10) Game Consoles In China 


In 2000, the Chinese government thought kids and youngsters were wasting too much time playing video games, so they decided to ban game consoles. The idea was to incline children towards studying and doing more productive things. The law involved restrictions in manufacturing and marketing game consoles. The law is not very effective because children can still play non-console video games.

11) Avatar In 2D In China 


Well, this one’s kind of funny and the logic applied by China will crack you up. The movie’s story revolved around people siding with an indigenous population against an imperialist force and well, China didn’t like this so much. Since China has very limited 3D theatres, they banned the movie in 2D which resulted in not a lot of people being able to watch it.

12) Spanking In Sweden 


School spanking is mostly banned all across the globe but Sweden does not allow parents to spank their kids either. Sweden is the first country in the world to ban parents from physically punishing their children. A lot of other countries followed the same step but you’d be surprised to know that 19 American states still allow school punishments.

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