12 Signs You Are On The Way To Becoming A Social Media Addict

Social media is becoming a huge part of our day. In fact, can you even think of spending a day without your phone and not constantly missing it? Ironically, you are reading this too on one of your social media apps, I am sure. Not that the present world of unlimited connection and data speeds is bad, not that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter haven’t made stalking easier. But when your whole world starts revolving around what’s on that screen, that’s a red signal. Here are 12 signs that are a sure shot signal that you are indeed addicted to social media and it needs to STOP.

1. Morning Newsfeed

If the first thing you do is wake up and text people Good Morning rather than the one right next to you or in the house, you are doomed! In fact, there is a lot more to do in the morning than just reaching out for your phone and spending half an hour scrolling through your newsfeed.

2. Your friends are constantly asking you to put your phone DOWN.

Are you the one who wants to stay behind the screen while you catch up with your friends and are constantly nagged by people around you to keep your phone down? It’s time you start keeping it down.

3. You cannot eat before you post

The first thing you do before having a good meal is to click a picture and post it on Instagram. A romantic date is not romantic until the whole world knows about it.


4. You remember your friends by their Twitter handles

Do you subconsciously know the Twitter handles of your friends by heart? But wait, that’s not their name.

5. Poop sessions with social media

Your short visits to the lavatory are your lone time with your phone, a time to secretly wander into other people’s world and scroll mindlessly through your social media feed. If this is your idea of perfect poop time, you are glued to social media, not for good.


6. You ‘check in’ everywhere you go

You are constantly letting the world know about your flight trips, tube stations, weekend club nights through check-ins on Facebook.

7. Everything is a potential ‘Story’ to you

Now that we have ‘story’ option on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp too, in addition to Snapchat, you dedicatedly post every second of your day on all the platforms, just to make sure your fans have quite a view of your life!

8. Retweets, Likes, Comments, and Shares make your day

Your priorities towards the pursuit of happiness are pretty sorted. Getting a retweet from a special someone, a ‘like’ on your picture and a ‘share’ on your status makes your day.

9. You avoid your social media before a TV show

You painfully start avoiding social media because you are yet to watch the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ episode.

10. ‘Hashtag’ is your second language

You constantly keep using the word ‘Hashtag’ in your day to day conversations. Basically, it’s your second language.

11. The last time you wish some ‘Happy Birthday’ on call was eons ago

The only way you wish people on their birthdays is posting ‘HBD’ on their timelines. ‘Happy Birthday’ is too long a phrase for you.

12. Updating your profiles is like updating your resume

You make sure your ‘About’ page is frequently updated, latest job added, profile picture updated because the nation wants to know.

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