12 Funny Tweets That Will Cheer Up Any Gloomy Monday Blues Away!

Mondays are brutal. They come as a rude shock after a relaxing weekend. The weekend somehow seems to pass faster than expected and you are left with a hollow feeling on the first day of the week. The hustle begins again. Getting up and slaying the day needs motivation for some of us.

Here are some tweets that are so funny they will drive your Monday blues away. Get ready for some laughs.

#1.When fashion is not really your forte

#2.When you have a different set of values

#3.When rebellion is in your blood!

#4.Seving corporate lives one bhel at a time

#5.Every employed person on a Monday

#6.If you think your Monday is worse, think of this car.

#7.Well, shit happens, make sure its not today!

#8.Loyalty is of utmost importance

#9.There is no other truth in life, except daaru.

#10.When Monday gives you mixed signals.

#11.Well, abhi toh party shuru huyi hai!

#12.We all need some motivation to wake up

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