12 Most Quintessentially Desi Things We Indians Do

Being Indian is more than the nationality or sharing a particular border. Being part of a culture means there are certain things that are ingrained. Even if you live for a while outside, these things stay with you.

These are things we Indians do so subconsciously that we don’t we notice it when we do them.

1.Veg & Non-Veg Stickers



There are no other countries which use the vegetarian and non-vegetarian marks to differentiate their food. It must come as a culture shock for the desis traveling abroad to know that the food there doesn’t come branded with these symbols.

2.Billboards Wishing Politicians

indian things


Because, birthday cards are way too old school.

3.Eating With Hands



It is a well-known belief that eating Indian food with hands enhances its taste. There are certain Indian dishes that cannot simply be eaten with a fork and a spoon. Eating paani-puri with a spoon is simply a  no-no, it is a faux pas in India.

4.Nodding Yes AND No


The firangs find the Indian nodding quite confusing. There should be a written guide to what each nods mean. Yes is vertical nodding and No is horizontal nodding. You do not mix them up!

5.Using Toothpaste Tube Till The Very End


Indians are quite stingy about their toothpaste. Normal people throw their tube after most of it is empty, we desis, will roll the tube, squeeze out every ounce of it dry till there is nothing left but the vacuum in that tube.

6.Kajal, Limbu And Mirchi For Nazar


While most of us have moved on from superstitions, most desis will stay kill their ‘nazar’ game. This is obvious especially when people buy a new property like a vehicle or a house.

7.Touch Elders’ Feet


There is no Indian who hasn’t been taught this etiquette growing up. The first response when you meet an elderly person is to touch their feet and show respect. The etiquette is so ingrained, it feels really odd not to!

8.Telling How Far A Place Is With Time


Normal folks give directions for a certain place with kilometres or miles. For eg: Highway is 3 kms away. But Indians love complicating their stuff, we say ’10 mins mai highway aa jayega’.

9.Bargaining Like A Boss


You can spot an Indian easily anywhere in the world when they go shopping. We usually bargain unrealistically and are quite persistent when it comes to our shopping habits. We are those people who can get a Rs.1000 product for half the price or lesser at bargain shops.

10.Aunties Roaming Around The Streets In Their Nighties With A Dupatta


Normal folks go for walk in a tracksuit or their pyjamas, but not the aunties. They wear the shabbiest nightgowns and then make it demure with the help of a dupatta. It is just not a good look, at all.

11.Using Underwear As Beachwear


The look you achieve when you wear your chaddis as swimwear is ghastly. Indians are particularly so good at this. This spectacle is especially visible when you go to Goa and see the uncles flaunting their family jewels in this. Eyes need to be washed with detergent later.

12.Using Dishwash Liquid As A Precious Product


There is the bar soap and then the liquid dishwasher. Liquid dishwasher in every Indian home is used as a precious product meant to be used half a drop for a boat load of dishes. The worse is when the bottle squirts extra quantity and the guilt stays with you forever.

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