11 Times Cricket Matches Were Halted For Really Weird Reasons

We love watching cricket and what’s not to love about the sport? But then there are times when the match has to be halted for certain reasons. We do know that whenever there is rainfall (downpour), the probability of the match being halted is quite high. But then there are certain times when the cricket matches were stopped/halted for weird reasons.

1. Poor Air Quality

The 3rd Test Match being played between India and Sri Lanka in New Delhi was an exaggeration to an otherwise dignified format of Test Cricket.

From the Sri Lankan fielders wearing masks on the field to counter Delhi’s air quality to Sri Lanka’s inability to produce an 11th fielder, everything that shouldn’t take place on a cricket field did. The game was stopped midway with the Sri Lankan fielders urging the umpires to stop the match owing to air quality.  (Read: The Most Bizarre Test Match In History Is Being Played Right Now Between India And Sri Lanka)

2. Stuffed Tiger


In 2011, a member raised the concern when they spotted what they thought looked like an escaped white tiger on the field. Zookeepers and police acted quite quickly but only to realise that it was a stuffed toy. The Hampshire cricket match was halted for 20 minutes.

Tony Middleton, Hampshire Cricket Academy director, added: “Rumours came round that there was a tiger on the golf course and we just carried on playing until a policeman came over and told us to clear the area.

“I assumed there was [a tiger] with everything that was going on, but we felt quite safe here.”

3. Desert Storm


To get into the finals, Indians had to win over the New Zealand. To win India had to score more than 254. But on 32nd over, a sandstorm intervened and India was at 143/4. But when the match resumed, Sachin scored from 64 to 143.  In 14 overs, Tendulkar and Laxman had added 104 vital runs with Laxman scoring just 20 of those.

And that’s why we Indians fondly remember this storm as the Sachin Storm. This was during the Coca-Cola Cup of 1998. The storm in the desert of UAE held up the play for about 15 minutes.

4. Calamari


In a 1994-95 Castle Cup match, Daryll Cullinan hit a six, and the ball landed in a pan of fried calamari. It took ten minutes for the ball to cool down, but even then Telemachus could not grip the greasy ball. ‘Fried calamari stopped play,’ reported Wisden. (Source)

5. Dog

Somewhere in last year during India vs England(Test Series) in Vizag, A dog interrupted by running on the field. The dog refused to move and the match was delayed close to five minutes. Because of which forced the players to have an early Tea. The popularity of the dog was such that he soon had a Twitter handle called @vizagdog.

6. Car


Just last month, during Ranji Trophy, a car drove in the pitch. There were many international cricketers such as Gautam Gambhir, Ishant Sharma, and their Delhi teammates. They survived a major security scare as a youngster drove his car on to the pitch at the Palam Grounds. Gambhir barely escaped being knocked down when the car took a sharp turn on the pitch. The Delhi resident, Girish Sharma drove his WagonR at full speed inside the stadium and entered the field of play upon finding that no guard was stationed at the Air Force stadium gate. (Source)

7. Monkey


In a Test Series between England and India, a monkey interrupted the match. In Ahmedabad, the play was temporarily suspended as a langur monkey bounded across the pitch towards an unsuspecting female companion sitting on the other side of the pitch.

8. Bees


During the Pink ODI match between South Africa and Sri Lanka at Johannesburg, the play was halted for an hour after a swarm of bees entered the Bull Ring, forcing players off the field. The umpire then lay on the ground to save himself and the players followed suit.

9. Wild crowd


It was India vs Sri Lanka, in Kolkata, 1996. Pakistan was in the finalist position and India had to win against Sri Lanka to enter the finals. The night of the match is considered as one of the most shameful ones in Indian cricket for a riot sparked by the furious crowd at Eden Gardens.

While Sri Lanka scored 251 runs, India managed to score 120 for 8. The crowd had not expected such shame at home and furiously threw bottles on the field and set fire to the stands. The play was called off and Sri Lankans were awarded the winners by default.

10. Naked Man


The naked man ran toward Symonds at the non-striker’s end as he attempted to escape police and ground staff at the match against India. The streaker was unable to evade Symonds, who leaned into him in a rugby-style shoulder charge, dropping him instantly to the ground. The man faced a fine of around £1,500.

11. Cow


During a match between Kerridge and Mossley in the Cheshire Cricket League, a cow came on to the field much to the amusement of the crowd as well as players. At the start, it did not look like the cow meant harm to anyone, but soon things turned hilarious. The cow entered the playing area from the long-on boundary and soon made a sprint towards the man standing at mid-on. The fielder took evasive action, and the cow went ahead.

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