11 Horrifying Things Found Living Inside A Human Body

You might have heard your grandmother or your mother recounting the tales of their childhood. At times it did revolve around the strange things they might have experienced or heard. There are few unwelcomed guests that come and stay in the human body.  From a spider living in a human’s stomach to a cockroach dwelling in a woman’s skull, here are some horrifying things found in the body.

1. Squid sperm in mouth


If your parents have been warning you to not eat raw foods, it’s time that you listen to them. Right now, there is a fad of eating ‘raw’ seafood. You might have seen videos of people eating live octopus but it is not so safe.

A 63-year-old South Korean was inseminated after she ate a partially cooked squid at a local restaurant. As she bit into a part of the dish – she felt a “pricking and foreign-body sensation” in her mouth. She spat it out. The woman felt like something was spreading in her mouth. Since this strange sensation persisted, she decided to visit a doctor. To her astonishment, the doctor found 12 small white-shaped bug-like organisms called spermatophores in her mouth.


What happened was that the squid had shot pods of semen into her mouth, impregnating her tongue, cheek, and gums. Doctors later removed the “twelve small, white spindle-shaped, bug-like organisms” called spermatophores and also identified a sperm sack.

2. 57 maggots in an ear


A 92-year-old woman was found with 57 maggots inside her ear! Medics believe that a fly might have crawled into her ear and laid eggs which hatched into these maggots. That’s not worse. The maggots had apparently been inside her ear for two to three days before they were found! It means that they were eating her ears out, quite literally!

3. Spider in the stomach

Bunbury man Dylan Thomas shows off the scar he got when a spider crawled inside him on his trip to Bali.


An Australian man returned home from his vacation in Bali when he found a red trail from his navel all the way up to his chest. He thought that he’d been bitten by an insect, so he went to the doctor to have it checked out. The doctors informed him that the red mark was actually the trail of a small tropical spider. The thing had burrowed itself inside of his body and survived for several days.

4. Pea plant in lungs


Have your mom told you not to swallow a seed because a plant would sprout from you? Well this time, it turned out to be true. A retired teacher had been struggling for breath for months suspected a tumour to be the cause. But he was amazed when doctors told him there was a PEA plant growing in his lung.

Ron said: ‘I was told I had a pea seed in my lung that had split and had sprouted. It is probably about a half-an-inch which is a pretty big thing.’

5. Worms In An Eye


A man from Iowa was having blurry vision and kept seeing dark spots. He went to see an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) since he didn’t know what was wrong. The doctor told him that he had a parasitic worm in his eye. As if this wasn’t gross enough, the worm was starting to eat his retina.

6. Fish in a penis


A penis is quite delicate and at times even teeth can hurt a lot. I can’t even imagine the pain this boy might have felt. A little, 2 cm fish got into an Indian boy’s penis when he was cleaning his fish tank. According to Professors, who treated the boy had said that the fish had entered his urethra and it made it all the way up to the bladder where it had to be surgically removed.

7. Eel in bladder


Have you ever taken a fish therapy? The one in which you are supposed to put your feet in the water and the fishes would eat the dead skin? I never knew that it could be so dangerous. In 2011, a Chinese man was having a bath with little eels that were supposed to nibble the dead skin off his body but he ended up with an eel in his penis. While the Indian boy’s fish was just 2 cm long, the eel that entered the Chinese man’s bladder measured 15 cm.

8. Bugs in scalp


What do you do when your scalp gets itchy? In 2007, a man from Colorado had a terrible itch in his scalp. He did try different kinds of shampoos, creams, ointments but the itching got worse until he couldn’t bear it. When doctors finally examined his scalp, they found botfly maggots, each about the size of a penny.

9. Tapeworm in intestines


Have you recently seen the video being circulated on many social media platforms of a doctor removing undigested noodles from the stomach? Well, it turned out to be tapeworms in a person’s intestine. Tapeworms are frequently found in human intestines where they can live for up to an incredible 25 years. On average, tapeworms found in humans are several meters long with the longest tapeworm ever found inside a human body measuring 25 meters long.

10. Twin in one’s body

Bhagat from Nagpur was always made fun of for his bulging belly. However, one day he was rushed to the hospital with a swollen belly that won’t let him breathe. What the doctors found would stun you! There was a half-formed body of his twin brother that had never born.

11. Cockroach Living In Woman’s Skull


According to The New Indian Express, a 42-year old woman was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after she felt “strange” sensations around her nose and eyes. The doctors in India discovered a living cockroach in a woman’s skull after she complained of a “crawling sensation” inside her head. According to news reports, the cockroach entered the woman’s nose as she slept and bore a path underneath her skin up to her skull.

The cockroach was alive and “didn’t want to come out,” according to the doctors.

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