11 ‘Good Guys’ From Bollywood Films That No One Should Ever Date

Bollywood has taught us, love is eternal and unconditional and in the process, it has messed up our expectations in real life. In the name of love and happy endings, Bollywood has pandered to us characters that are totally unrealistic and possibly toxic.

The thing is, a true Bollywood fan will always uphold these ideas in every person they meet. When in reality they shouldn’t, especially when it comes to love interests.

When you watch a romantic Bollywood film, you are bowled over by how happening it is. But then you re-watch it years later only to realize the leads are actually really horrible people.

Here are some prime examples of Class A jerks we never knew were jerks in these Bollywood films.

#1. Rajiv Mathur in Ishq Vishq

This guy is more worried about his image than you. In the film, Rajiv pretends to fall in love with Payal just so he can go on an Alibaug trip. They have a stupid couple only rule for the trip, you see. But poor Payal – who is a childhood friend of Rajiv – is actually in love with him. Naively she believes him and lets him rip her heart open. For the most part of the film, Rajiv doesn’t want the world to know that he and Payal are together because he is too obsessed with keeping a stud image.

When she discourages his overt advances because she is not comfortable with it, he calls her a bhenji, makes a scene and plays a victim. Like I said, a total jerk. But since it is Bollywood, they do actually end up patching up in the end, and he is a transformed guy.

In real life, the situation would have been different. If you meet a dude like that in real life, no matter how charming or handsome he is, run the fuck away in the opposite direction.


#2. Ayan Senger – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Ayan was passionate, agreed. But he was more obsessive than in love. He didn’t really love her unless he could possess her. The dude did not get the hint that Alizeh as not interested in him whatsoever. He was a PG version of SRK from Darr. You respect the other person when they say they aren’t interested in you romantically.

Instead, Ayan did all he could to get out of friendzone.


#3. Sameer Mulchandani – Dil Chahta Hai

The dude was clueless AF and also could not stand-up for himself. Although his character does go through development eventually, he is still a manchild. Every woman has dated a dude like this who wants to hang out with you but can’t be sure if he likes you or wants to commit to you.

In the process, a guy like Sameer strings you along until it gets very clear to you that there is no kind of future possible with him. While you are charmed by his romantic notions about people, know that he will end up falling in love with someone else, while you go shopping for groceries.


#4.  Rahul Jaykar – Aashiqui 2

He was an addict, people! Those who romanticize addicts maybe creating a recipe for disaster. He was volatile, not stable and prone to anger. He had zero self-control and ended up falling prey to his vices. Look for the signs and run away.


#5. Nick Arora – Salaam Namaste

Not even Ranbir Kapoor’s characters can compete with the manchildness (if that is even a word) shown by Saif Ali Khan’s Nick . He drinks milk in the loo while taking a dump, can it get any childish than that. The answer is ‘no’.


#6. Samar Anand – Jab Tak Hai Jaan

Samar risks his life just to spite and win his lover, Meera. This behavior is really toxic and not something that you want to see in a boyfriend unless you too are self-destructive AF.


#7. Akash Malhotra –  Dil Chahta Hai

Akash is a manchild and an asshole. He is entitled, selfish and you can’t really rely on him when you are down in the dumps. Everything is a joke to him and yes he crosses some lines often which get him into trouble.


#8.Rehan Qadri – Fanaa

He knows he is going on a suicide mission yet he makes the girl fall in love with him, builds her hopes. And then destroys all of it. He is that toxic person you need to cut out of your life. If these don’t make him a bad choice, here’s a deal breaker – he is a TERRORIST.


#9. Sheenu Prasad – Main Tera Hero

Sheenu is a troublemaker. He’s been removed from 15 schools and clearly has no stability whatsoever. He has no respect for law or women. In fact, he himself says it ‘he is harami type ka‘. If a guy himself tells you he is not good, believe him do not try to change him.


#10. Gautam Kapoor – Cocktail

The movie was way beyond sexist. His double standards are higher than Burj Khalifa. Unless you want different rules for you and the dude you are dating, this type should be strictly avoided.


#11. Yash Raichand  – Kabhi  Khushi Kabhi Gham

Yash Raichand is bossy AF. He does not want to hear anything his wife says, instead he chooses to shove his opinions on the entire family. He is a dictator and the family does not believe in democracy. Unless you like dealing with a restrictive control freak, this type of dude is a bad idea.


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