10 Ways In Which Love Making In Movies Is No Way Close To What It Is In Real Life

From doing it effortlessly in the bathtub to the escalators to even the back of the cars, sex is just a cake walk according to the films we watch. However, for those of you who have real life experience in the world of love making, no matter how romantic or perfect you two might be for each other, sex is far more different than what the movies show it to be. And here are 10 ways where sex in the movies is nothing like in real life, and we bet you won’t agree any less.

1. Sex and Sweat Are A Sensual Affair

Until its freezing out there, the very act of love making causes you to burn a lot of calories and that does eventually make you sweat, and it’s not always in a good way. Sex in real life is messy and sweaty and nowhere a bed of roses as shown in the movies. Movie makers usually spray a mixture of glycerin and rosewater to make the couple appear sweaty, only if it smelled the same in real life.


2. Clothes Slide Off Perfectly

We wonder how that pair of jeans slides off like satin and the zipper never gets stuck or there is no fumbling with bra straps or how the stockings just slide off. Real life sex takes more than a few seconds to get your clothes off, sometimes even more.


3. People Have Sex Everywhere

How many times have you dumped everything on the table in a split second to get a clear playground? Well, in real life you would rather save the time in cleaning up things than having the not so perfect love session on a kitchen table. Also, not everyone has the right height to be able to fit in just fine in the backseat of the car, and yes, we don’t even have places to park our cars and not be sued for PDA.


4. Things Never Get Hairy

In the movies, not an inch of hair gets stuck in anyone’s mouth while you are passionately making out. Real life sex has at least one embarrassing incident of hair getting stuck in someone’s mouth and yes, girls end up running for a hair tie before things can be taken seriously.


5. Shower Sex Is A Practical Option

Thanks to Mr. Grey, shower sex seems to be quite a passionate way of making out. But in real life, trust me, it’s lethal, things get really slippery in every wrong way possible and yes there are a fair amount of chances of one of you end up with a slipped disc. So, no.


6. Everything Sounds Sensual

In the movies, everything sounds just the perfect amount of sensual, enough to turn you on! Real life sex is messy and has all sorts of sounds, and not all of them are good to hear.


7. Things Just Fit Right In Place

Everything gets into its place just perfectly and there are no foul moments. However, in real life, it takes an average of two minutes to find the right place and to get in there properly.


8. Everyone Gets An Orgasms

In real life, 71% women and 25% men don’t climax every time, whereas in the movies, everyone just ends up happy and that is so not true.


9. They Orgasm Together

In real life, the chances of orgasming together are too low. According to the stats, women take atleast 15-20 minutes to get a glimpse of heaven and movies definitely don’t take that into account. All ends well in the movies.

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10. Sex Needs No Clean Ups

In the movies, a couple ends up cuddling in their spic and span bed sheets with no after clean ups required. There are no tissues show, no peeing involved, no messed up bed sheets to be taken care of. Real life sex gets messy and not everyone can go back to sleep without taking care of the mess first!


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