10 Very Real But Weirdly Specific Jobs That People Get Paid To Do

We’ve all worked jobs we love and jobs we despise.

But there aren’t that many of us who can go around claiming these job titles which logically exist, but are so strange, it’s hard to really wrap our heads around them.

#1 Train Pushers


In Japan, there are attendants known as “oshiya” who can be found waiting on railway platforms. These white-gloved attendants are responsible for getting passengers into the train during rush hour simply by pushing them into the train.

As we in India are well aware of, peak hour trains can sometimes fill up to over twice their capacity, making the oshiya’s job extremely important.

#2 Professional Foreigners


Asians often end up associating class and wealth with people of European and American descent. But some Chinese companies take this concept to the extreme.

These companies often pay foreigners to simply wear a suit and shake hands with businessmen at the event.
Mind you, these are regular people with no qualification to truly be there. The idea is that if a foreigner is present at an event, it gives a huge boost to its prestige.

#3 Chicken Sex Determining Professionals


Right. So thankfully human babies come equipped with easily visible junk that helps us determine their sex.
However, chicks don’t have the same luxury. When chicken eggs hatch, qualified professionals are brought in to help determine their sex because the feeding regimen for male and female chicks is quite different.

They determine the sex either by observing the feathers or by gently squeezing poop out of a chicken. Which helps for some reason.

#4 Odour Judges


Before a company can flood the market with their shiny new deodorant or breath freshener, someone needs to be able to determine if they actually work or not.
So brave men and women are hired to come together and use their noses to whiff-out which product can successfully eliminate the proof that you are a fallible and smelly human being.

These odour judges even have to get their senses tested every month to make sure they’re doing their job correctly.

#5 Professional Mermaid


It’s great that we live in the kind of world where adults can put on a latex tail and show up to work.

Mermaids are often hired for events and high-end parties, earning up to 300 dollars for each appearance. However, there are multiple courses to take and hard work to put in.

Because these entertainers aren’t just expected to do a bunch of underwater stunts with their legs strapped together – they’re also expected to look magical doing it.

#6 Dog Surfing Instructor


This has got to be an absolute dream. For dog lovers who can’t get enough of the ocean, getting doggies on a surfboard sounds like a perfectly delightful gig.

How exactly one starts out in this unique industry is a little more confusing.

#7 Iceberg Towers


Having your car towed is an indisputable pain in the ass. But what is arguably a bigger one is icebergs, especially once the world awakened to the tragic fate of the Titanic.

Which is why the IIP (International Ice Patrol) was founded. Their explicit job is to navigate the earth’s oceans to map out safe routes for ships and to literally tow icebergs out of the way if necessary.

#8 Drying Paint Watcher


In the early 2000’s, a British man named Keith Jackson ascended to a certain level of the fame on the internet because of his unique job – to determine the drying time of industrial paint. He puts some paint on a cardboard and waits for it to dry.

And considering the paint ends up getting used in public places like railway station and government buildings, it’s no small task either.

#9 Panda Nanny


China loves its Pandas. And their giant research centre devoted to them in Ya’an is proof of that.

But as anyone who watches the cuddly bears in online videos will know, they’re not the brightest. Which is why their nannies have to take care of them dutifully, going so far as to show them panda porn to encourage them to mate.

#10 Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man


Well, that explained itself.

Rob Doyle was hired by Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Florida to take care of the requirements of their clientele. Including uncontrollable hankerings for some delicious pizza.

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