10 Tricks Used By Retailers And Malls To Get You To Buy More Useless Crap

I will state it yet again, capitalism makes the world go around. No, it is not love or hope, that is just idealistic bullshit. Some hope and the means for lasting love can be bought by money. That is not shallow, that is the truth about today’s age.

Don’t believe me? Think about all the sneaky ways malls and retailers make you drop money you could have paid for your EMI or on your loved one.

Instead, we end up buying things that just that pile up in our closet and catch dust.

Here are some tricks retailers use to make you buy more.

#1. Keep inexpensive products at the checkout counter or at the mall entrance


Whether it is Big Bazaar or Reliance Mall, or even your fancy malls, each of them use this strategy. Keeping inexpensive items at the entrance and checkout counters incites people into making impulse purchases that don’t feel like big bucks. This way, they use small items to drive the mall revenue. How many times have you actually needed the things lined up near the checkout counter?

#2. They manipulate your sense of smell

Every store wants customers to think it is the best place to be. They try to manipulate you into buying things. The use of calming fragrances as air fresheners convince people to shop leisurely and spend more time at the mall.

#3. Use perfect playlist to create ambiance


Have you visited a mall recently where there is no music playing? The answer is most likely to be no. They want people to spend more time at the mall. Depending on the demography of regular footfalls, they adapt their music playlist, accordingly.

#4. Loyalty reward programs

Be it a departmental store or a luxury goods store, each of them these days offer loyalty reward programs. The more you shop, the more points get added. The more money they make. The pinch of impulse buy is softened when you know the points get added to the card.

#5. Using strategic architecture for unplanned purchases


This is the sneakiest trick of theirs. They place essentials at the ends of the store. They rely on customers getting more confused. The more confused you are, the more sections you venture into buying things you did not need in the first place.

#6.  Buy One, Get One Free

This is how most impulse purchases happen. How many times have we bought things because we were sure we won’t get the same bargain again? I know I have!

#7. Ruder salespeople for luxury brands


Honestly, when I go into those fancy stores I have no aukat for, I have to deal with snobby salespeople. In the end, I feel bullied into buying things just to rummage some sense of pride. The retailers make sure they have a snooty salesforce, especially for luxury and lifestyle brands.

#8. Display no wall clocks

This is why you lose track of time! They have no clocks in the malls! You go there for an hour to buy “only the essentials” and 7 hours later you are tired and about to drop.

#9. Make it kid-friendly


People know families go to the mall. Every floor features some or the other kid-friendly store where children can wander off and demand purchases. Malls also have various kid-friendly activities and games that allow parents to leave the children to enjoy so they can get the shopping done. This is why most malls in India have become a family hangout places.

#10. Make the shopping carts bigger

Duh, this is the easiest thing they do. Bigger carts make for additional space for more useless purchases.

Feature Image: Flickr CC / Lori Goldberg

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