10 Totally Unrelated Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Fortunately or unfortunately, the Internet removes all element of surprise. But it is a great tool for procrastination and learning totally random facts which you will never end up using.

These facts won’t really make a difference to your in real life but they will make your jaw drop at how strange they are!

#1. Otters hold hands to keep from floating away

First things first, aren’t otters the cutest?! You might’ve seen adorable pictures of them holding hands while swimming and thought ‘relationship goals’. Well, there is a reason to all that hand-holding. It is self-preservation. Baby otters stick around with their moms. To prevent from  drifting away when they fall asleep while swimming they hold hands and anchor each other. Fun fact: Otters are the cutest!

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#2. Turkish women could divorce their husband if they didn’t get their dose of coffee

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love coffee? The right answer is 13. 13! If you are like me, you’d take the not getting the coffee part quite seriously. Apparently, Turkish women did too!

Makes sense since Turkey is pretty serious about their coffee. So if these women realized that their husbands did not offer them enough coffee, they could divorce them. Those are some serious grounds for divorce.

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#3. A Hippo’s sweat turns red when it is upset

A Hippo is not as cute as the otter. Maybe, just maybe, this is one of the reasons why they are upset. And when they get upset, their sweat turns read. They aren’t bleeding!

Hippo’s oil secretions are of two shades, red and orange. Their sweat secretions actually contain inbuilt SPF protection that is also anti-bacterial, which is why on sweating it turns read. The red secretions are anti-bacterial and that is why the hippos rarely get infections.

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#4. The dude who invented Pringles packaging asked his ashes to be buried in a Pringles can

Fredric Baur invented the packaging that the Pringles packet currently has. It is pretty useful and a great design. But we consumers weren’t the only ones impressed with it. Fredric was so impressed with his creation that he asked a portion of his ashes be buried in the Pringles can. He died at the age of 89. And yes, his family honored his wishes and a part of his cremated remains are in a can.

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#5. Ketchup was once sold as medicine

Today we have Tomato ketchup with everything! From Maggi to Biryani (yikes) , ketchup elevates flavor of all foods. But did you know this humble sauce was once sold as a medicine? In the 1830s, a medical journal claimed that ketchup had medicinal properties that could solve digestive problems.

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#6. The word Robot is derived from a Czech word and it means something really sad

Karel Čapek, a Czech writer, in his play published in 1920 introduced the word robot to the general public. Robata in Czech means hard work or forced work. The derivation makes sense, now that we use robots for mechanical labor.

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#7. Ash Ketchum never ages in Pokemon

Remember the fun cartoon we loved watching as kids? Ever wondered why the main dude in it never ages? He is always shown as a 10-year old. Despite him year on year participating in tournaments and cutting cake, somehow he never grows up. Not surprisingly, there are many fan theories for this. Some say Mewtwo froze Ketchum in time, other theories suggest he’s been dead the whole time.

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#8. Bible is the most shoplifted book of all time in the world

Bible is also the best-seller of all time across the world. It is also the most-shoplifted. You’d think these statistics would make world a more pious place and better place to live in right? Well, daily news suggest otherwise, sadly.

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#9. Birds don’t pee

Okay, I have never particularly sat and thought about bird excreta, so this fact surprised me as well. Birds poo, they don’t pee like mammals. It is because mammal turn the bad stuff into urea, birds on the other hand break it down to uric acid. Also, birds have a cloaca, unlike mammals. This is where all the digestive waste and uric acid go before they turn into excreta. Birds have the ability to extract some of the water content in the acid back. Hence, the uric acid gets converted into solid waste aka white pasty stuff we humans consider ‘lucky’.

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#10. The Twitter bird from the logo actually has a name!

One of the most iconic things on the Internet has a name. The twitter bird was named after the NBA player, Larry Bird whom the co-founder of Twitter supported. The product manager of Twitter, confirmed that the bird’s name was actually Larry.

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