10 Times Bollywood Villains Took The Limelight Away From The Lead Characters

These Bollywood villains are more memorable than their nemesis.

Every great story needs a villain for the plot to overcome a hurdle and reach a conclusion. This is the tactic that a lot of films, especially Bollywood films use to move the story ahead. In the process, they end up creating the vilest of villains.

Here are some of the best villains from Bollywood films that outshone the leading characters.

#1. Mr.India

Bollywood villain mogambo

Sure we all would love to have Mr. India’s fancy watch. We all enjoyed Anil Kapoor’s performance. But ask any kid and they will claim the film belonged to Mogambo. Amrish Puri’s performance was that iconic!


#2. Padmaavat

Bollywood villain khilji

The film showed two leads who could not be more opposite. Ratan Singh was all about valor and pride, Khilji, on the other hand, was a beast. Having seen the film and the performances, this film belonged to Ranveer‘s masterful portrayal of Khilji. His performance was magnetic, to say the least.


#3. Darr

Bollywood villain shah rukh khan darr

Sunny Deol plays the nice guy and Shah Rukh plays the psychopath. His performance as Rahul is still disturbing. Everyone recalls his obsessive madness in it.


#4. Neerja

Neerja was a career maker for Jim Sarbh. Mostly because his character was menacing, ruthless and was well-scripted. This big film landed him the role in Padmaavat.


#5. Gupt

Bollywood villain kajol gupt

Let’s face it, there has been hardly any sneaky badass female villain after Gupt. Kajol’s Isha Diwan was sneaky as they come. Can anyone refer to Gupt without Kajol as the wretch? The answer is NO.


#6. Agneepath

Bollywood villain sanjay dutt agneepath

Kaancha is the most menacing thing about the film. Yes, Hrithik Roshan plays his role as the angry young man to perfection, but it is Kaancha that makes the film so exciting to watch.


#7. Gunda

Mithun Chakraborty is the cult film’s lead, but he is not even the 2nd thing that comes to mind when you talk of the film. The film was a baddies paradise. Bulla is the ultimate badass and he still remains iconic to this day for his badassery.


#8. Omkara

saif ali khan omkara Bollywood villain

Langda Tyagi is one character that anyone remembers from this Vishal Bhardwaj film. Saif Ali Khan gave the performance of his career with this one. To anyone who doubted his acting chops, this role was a strong rebuttal.


#9. Nagina

Bollywood villain naagina

Well, yes we remember Sridevi writhing on the floor with her Naagin dance, but she did not become a meme sensation did she. It was Bhairo Nath who took the limelight.


#10. Ram Leela

Supriya Pathak is an extraordinary actor who filled the shoes of Baa, effortlessly. Baa has nerves of steel and she makes the audience hate her instantly. Ram and Leela die, but Baa wins in the end, in the alternate universe.


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