10 Times Bollywood Should Thank Punjabi Songs For Its Dance Numbers!

If there’s one thing that no Bollywood movie can do without, it’s the songs! Yes, the steamy songs that make up for half of the movie promotions and most of our playlists.

However, it seems Bollywood is actually falling short of its new, unique numbers and looking up to the Punjabi music to get some beats added to its scripts. These days, every Bollywood movie has a trademark song which is a revamped version of an already famous Punjabi song. Some of them get it bang on while for some, we wish the music could just stop right there.

Here are 10 Bollywood songs that you dance to at every party and their original Punjabi versions that might interest you as well.

1. Angreji Beat Te

We have all seen Veronica groove on this number by Yo Yo Honey Singh in Cocktail. And as a Punjabi myself, I think it was pretty good job done, because technically, there was no difference!

The original song was sung by Gippy Grewal and Honey Singh and till date is an all time favorite for all Punjabi parties. Don’t miss the introduction-

2. Saturday Saturday

The party anthem that became your favorite weekend story made a come back with Alia and Varun’s epic grooves, with an additional para from the girl’s side as well!

But again, the song was already a hit number with the Northern Indians, thanks to Indeep Bakshi and his Punjabi swag drooling in this video!

3. High Heels

Meet Bros. hybridized this song and it did wonders on the charts for quite a long time. However, the trademark beat is all thanks to Yo Yo Honey and Jaz Dhami for making such a raunchy number talking about nothing but high heels!

4.  Daru Vich Pyar

Taz Stereo Nation ruled 90’s Punjabi music by adding a pop touch to the usual ‘dhol’ beats. This song was featured in ‘Tum Bin’ and now has come to life again with the upcoming movie ‘Guest Iin London’ the rebirth is totally commendable.

And here is a perfect makeover to this oldie!

5. Boyfriend Girlfriend

Umm, well, I don’t know if I would actually give this remake a heads up because, to be honest, nobody matches J Star…not even Arijit Singh. So put on your earphones and give J Star a try first before you tune into the Raabta track.

Not to mention the hopeless choreography…

6. Oh Ho Ho Ho

Everybody loves Sukhbir and more than that every Dj loves to do the signature ‘beat drop’ just to make the audience go ‘Oh Ho Ho Ho’.

But we really don’t understand why would Bollywood want to remix this one superhit for ‘Hindi Medium’. So let me know if you find any difference.

7. Suit Suit Karda

Dedicated to all the honeys, this is one gem of an addition by Guru Randhawa in the present repertoire of Punjabi hits. And it’s so good that Bollywood had to pick this up!

However, if you don’t want a Delhi-friendly song, plug into the original version-

8. Gud Naal Ishq Mitha

Though we have no idea why this happened, every Punjabi’s wedding staple, Gud Naal Ishq Mitha by Bally Sagoo too was tampered and we are not very happy. As if Sunny Deol wasn’t enough to handle.

And just to get rid of this earworm, here’s the original one! Also, Malaika Arora!

9. Soch Na Sake

So, this became your go-to song every time you wanted to express your infinite love for him/her.

The track Soch Na Sake that swept you off your feet in Airlift is a highly tweaked version of Hardy Sandhu’s verse. And the lyrics in Punjabi would do much more for that love instead of this one…

10. Kudi Gujarat Di

So, we all have sung this one for our one ‘gujju’ friend out there and now we have a brand new version for this one! The one track that is the namesake of Jasbir Jassi is still much better when kept original!

In case I have managed to woo you in for Punjabi music, here’s another one that Bollywood should be picking up next!

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