10 Things To Tell Your Tamilian Friend To Annoy The Hell Out Of Them

Tamilians, like every other Indian community, get offended on touchy subjects. Stereotyping can be annoying if it is generally applied without accuracy. We as Indians LOVE stereotyping, no matter how racist and ignorant it sounds.

If you like annoying people in general, there are certain things you can say that give you immediate reaction. If your friend happens to be a Tamilian, here are things that will 100% annoy them.

#1. Chai is better than coffee

There is nothing that makes a tame Tamilian rage with the fire of the dragons than bragging about your silly chai. Coffee is the food of the Gods and there is no argument.

#2. You must love gold

Yes, most people use gold jewelry across India for weddings and other important functions. It is not like Tamilians have a gold dumping ground in their backyard. No, not all of us like gold.

#3. Oh my god, why are you not in IT!

No, not all of us work in IT. Not all of us Laxman, got it!

#4. You must be really smart

To generalize IQ to an entire culture is such a faux pas. The stereotype is as stupid as the statement. For all you know, your Tamilian friend could be a fool. Could be.

#5. You must love those idlis and dosas

Wow, you must like asking irrelevant questions. Want some idli on your face?

#6. Oh, you eat non-veg?!

Granted, there is some part of the community who do not eat non-veg, just like other Indian communities. Why is it so surprising to know that some Tamilians eat non-veg. We do not have rights over all the veggies in the country.

#7. You must like Rajnikant

Alright, alright, a large portion of Tamilians do like Rajnikant, but some don’t. That is okay, you do not stare at them like they are sociopaths.

#8. Happy Onam!

FFS, not even the right South Indian. Onam is celebrated by Mallu folks, not Tamilians. Malayalis are from Kerala, the land of chai and everything nice. So get your festivals right!

#9. All you guys are same only na!

People are not binary, your world though is! Your racism is showing, care to hide it?

#10. You don’t look South Indian

You don’t look stupid. How is a person to look a certain community? Hitler did not look like a nazi either.

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