10 Things That Happen While You Are Serving Your Notice Period

We have all had the pleasure of going through the ecstatic phase of being on our notice period. That time of our life when we are done with our current slavery, ready for a big change in our job, almost done with our cranky boss (usually, they are!) and waiting for our last days to come to an end. Every company has an illogical one to three month notice period where you are allowed to come to work and not work! Here are 10 things you would relate to while you are on your notice period.

1. You agree with everything your boss has to say

No more arguments now. Three months of extreme loyalty and patience with the boss can lead to a clean relieving letter! Keep the abuses for the loo!

2. You leave the office at 6

As soon as your watch beeps 6, you pick up your bag and march out of your office. Because, who cares!

3. Long personal calls

Gone are the days when your girlfriend had to bear the brunt of ‘boss is staring’ or ‘will call you back later’! Now that you are on your notice period, long personal calls are your only savior!

4. HR is your best friend

Now that you know that your relieving letter is in the hands of those pretty faces on the other side of the floor, you are super friendly with the HR people and it’s time you start worshipping them!

5. You are all up for “Are you looking for a job change”

Every time you hear this phrase, you get up from your seat and look for a silent corner because “yes you are looking for a job change”!

6. You literally count days

As you go through your last days in your company, you cross dates on the calendar for your ‘Independence Day’ to come.

7. You try hard not to tell your next company and well, the new package!

Everyone knows you have caught a bigger fish than the one in the pond you are currently swimming in (until and unless you are carefree enough to let go of your job!) and keeping your excitement for the same to yourself is a task!

8. You keep discussing your vacation plans in your office

Most of us try to get a quick vacation before joining our new job. And that makes you the only smiling person who has something to look forward to! Lunch discussions for you are a bragging trip about your vacation!

9. Your days go on snail speed

This, in fact, is the most monotonous time of your life because time just doesn’t move.

10. You dread falling sick!

Falling sick would mean you would have to take a leave, which would mean that your date of release will be postponed (this happens in corporate companies). Hence, your only prayer to God is, to just let the three months go as smooth as they can!

May God help you through your tryst with patience! Amen!

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