10 Secret Societies That Are Said To Control The World With Their Sinister Activities

Let’s just break the bubble and say that humans as a species are nothing less than mysterious. In between the pages of history lie hidden truths that either does not want to be unfolded or want to lie hidden, far from the human eye. And then comes the world of secret societies, human organizations that are known to exist and yet we have little clue about where to find one. But as they say, there is no smoke without fire, there must have been something to give out their details and unravel their names. Here are 10 secret societies that are known to exist and do their work silently, under covers.

1. The Order of Skull and Bones

Known to have founded in 1932 at Yale University, the undergraduate senior society is known for its controversial practices and sexual acts that its members are known to indulge in. The founders of the CIA were also rumored to have been a part of this group. As a part of the initiation ceremony, the members are said to lie naked in coffins before they let everyone known about their darkest sexual acts.

2. The Order of Nine Angels

The ONA claims to be a satanic and left-hand occult group established in 1960’s that believe history as a compilation of Aeons, containing human civilization. The group believes that the present Aeon is ‘Western’ and also practices spiritual path in which the practitioner must isolate from societal taboos, practice violence, human sacrifice, and political extremism.

3. Ashoka’s Nine Unknown Men

Perhaps the only secret society recorded in India, King Ashoka in 270 B.C formed a secret group of only 9 members who would hold the key to everything in the world. Each member came from a different walk of life and was to guard one book each containing the information that could be hazardous to mankind.

Introduced through a book by Talbot Mundy, the information that these 9 books contain is mind-blowing, talking about everything from psychological warfare, physiology, microbiology, alchemy, spaceships and time travel.

4. Illuminati

The most talked about secret society, the Illuminati which means enlightened in Latin, was founded in 1776 to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. Allegedly, the group is ever trying to establish a ‘New Order’ by controlling those in power and replacing them with reptilian clones. As per modern conspiracy theories, Illuminati is the one that has been secretly performing all the major upheavals in history, including John F. Kennedy’s assassination.

5. Assassins

It is a secret order led by a mysterious “Old man of the mountain’ under the leadership of Hassan-i-Sabbah around 1050 AD. They were a fanatic branch that consisted of a sect of Nizari Muslims. Most of the members of this society were simple farmers during the day who turned into fearless assassins by night. They were known for their power to strike down the target into submission rather than killing. The Netflix series, Marco Polo, has an inclusion of Assassins and is an interesting watch.

6. Freemasonry

The Freemasonry is perhaps the longest living organization that is allegedly still existing and plotting against the world. The secret society goes 300 years back and consists of some 200,000 members belonging to more than 7,000 Lodges throughout England, Wales and districts overseas – with an estimated six million worldwide.

In fact, Winston Churchill, Edward VIII and George VI and Prince Philip are also considered to be a part of this. Masons call each other brothers and work towards making ‘good men better’. The entry to this group is restricted to men only beyond 21 years. The group works through handshakes, code words, private rituals and complex chains of command.

7.  The Bilderberg Group

The Bilderberg Group was established in 1954 and consists of some 120-150 members from the cream of aristocrats, including rich men on high designations and prime ministers. They meet through an annual conference with a conjoined purpose “to create an aristocracy of purpose”, mainly in Europe and America. Due to the lack of transparency, they too have been alleged for big events like the Great Depression and other terrorist activities.

8. The German Thule Society

Some consider The German Thule Society as the driving force behind Nazism. Also, a lot of Nazis were a part of Thule and even Adolf Hitler was considered a visiting brother. Founded in 1919 in Munich, the society had a clear intention, of clearing the world for a ‘New World Order’ by removing people through mass killing and reducing the population. Sexual magic, racist chants, and black magic, ‘supernatural’ exhibitions were some of the practices that were carried out under the society.

9. Seven Society

The members of this society are only received post their death when a wreath of black magnolias is placed on the graveside in the shape of ‘7’. The society is obsessed painting number 7 surrounded by signs of alpha, omega, and infinity upon the grounds of the university if Virginia.

10. Ku Klux Klan

Also known as KKK or Klan, is a popular cult in the United States and is known to advocate white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration. Whosoever has opposed to their ideology has been dealt with terrorism. With just thousands of members left in present, the group has been by many termed as ‘terrorist’.

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