10 Most Renowned Brand Rivalries Of The World That Continue Their Feud Even Today

Competition is great for success.  A bit of competition keeps everyone in line. As consumers, this very rivalry allows us to have the best products and services. When brands try to one-up the other either with prices or discounts, in the end, they are beneficial for us.

Here are some popular brands that have been hard-core rivals for years.

#1. Coke and Pepsi

Every cola drinker on the planet is expected of being on one team or the other. Pemberton’s Coca Cola is still a crowd favorite.


#2. Adidas and PUMA

Dassler brothers started their brands under the name Adidas and PUMA. The sibling rivalry was well-known in Germany. So much so that people walked by looking at people’s feet and judging which of the brothers the rest of Germany supported.


#3. Microsoft and Apple

The rivalry started ever since the concept of personal computers became a household norm. While Apple has eaten up the smartphone market and demolished any chances for Microsoft to win there. Microsoft has conquered the computer market.


#4.McDonald’s and Burger King

While Burger King is relatively new in India, the rivalry abroad is a real thing. McDonald’s however is the clear winner since it is very accessible geographically and economically.


#5. Audi and BMW

If it were not for the competition both wouldn’t manufacture as good a lineup of vehicles. They have no qualms acknowledging their rivalry publicly, either.


#6. The Hindu and The Times Of India

These two are pure rivals in the Chennai market. An advertisement by The Hindu explains the sentiment, perfectly.

#7. P&G and Unilever Limited

These two FMCG giants are always at loggerheads. Every new product launch is often followed by a new one from the other on the similar lines. Their strategy to conquer the market has been smart and segregated. For example, Rin is targeted towards tier 2,3,4 cities and Tide towards the tier one target.


#8. Vim and Dettol

Remember that advertisement, where Dettol blatantly called our Vim. The Dettol ad showed a direct comparison of the kitchen gel with Vim and claimed for 100x better results, with a clear image of the Vim bottle in the film. Such direct comparison in the advertisement circuit is frowned upon.


#9. Amul and Kwality Wall’s

Even a kid knows that these two ice-cream manufacturers are at loggerheads. But lucky for us due to their rivalry, we are spoilt for choice. Amul took a dig here at Kwality Wall’s by claiming their ice creams are frozen desserts and claimed their ice creams are made from ‘real milk’.


#10. Parle and Britannia

Both pretty much have the same products but Parle has a legacy and instant recall compared to Britannia.

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