10 Of The World’s Most Dangerous Stretches Of Road You’d Rather Drive Away From

Driving tends to become second nature for the people who do it often enough.

But even the most experienced driver will find themselves challenged while driving down these extremely dangerous roads. Whether it’s the twists and turns, the weather, or just a terrifying history – these roads are best driven away from.

#1 The Widow Maker, UK


The Road Safety Foundation has deemed this the most dangerous road in the UK. The road has many dangerous bends which have often thrown bicyclists off course and led to their deaths.

#2 Stelvio Pass, Italy


One of the most complicated roads to drive on, the Stelvio Pass earns its place even though it only stretches out for 2.7 km.

#3 Sichuan – Tibet Highway, China


The road claims 7500 deaths for ever 100,000 drivers that dare to risk it. Multiple rock slides, avalanches and weather that severely narrows visibility, makes it one of the world’s most difficult to navigate.

#4 Zoji Pass, India


Zoji La is an extremely important road for those residing in Ladakh, keeping a steady stream of supplies going to the area. However, the road is flanked by rock on one side and nothing on the other. Making it very prone to landslides.

#5 Highway of Death, Iraq


A name that tells no lies, the Highway of Death connects Kuwait to Basra, Iraq. Earning its name during the Gulf War, retreating Iraqi tanks were bombed by the US causing massive casualties and destroying over 2000 vehicles.

#6 Los Caracoles, Chile


With an elevation of 3176 metres, the road is devoid of any safety barriers and rife with steep bends that are notoriously difficult to navigate. To make it even more perilous, the road is severely affected by snow in the winter, often getting closed off.

#7 Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt


This road doesn’t suffer because of any natural causes, instead, it is riddled with bandits who have been known to often steal from drivers who use this road at night.

Very often drivers have been known to kill their headlights during the nighttime to avoid catching the attention from local bandits.

#8 Jalalabad – Kabul Road, Afghanistan


The 65 km long road winds deep into the Kabul gorge. Passing through Taliban territory, it poses multiple threats apart from the environmental ones.

Trucks have been known to routinely overturn over the treacherous turns that define this stretch of highway.

#9 Karakoram Highway, Pakistan


Linking China and Pakistan, this road has been called the “Friendship Highway” by the two nations. At an altitude of 4693 metres, the unpaved road remains a popular tourist attraction because of its spectacular views of the surrounding land.

Even its construction was fraught with peril with over 800 Pakistani and over 80 Chinese workers having lost their lives.

#10 Dalton Highway, USA


Going through a large stretch of the Alaskan Tundra, the road is prone to whiteouts during blizzards. However, the main danger stems from the fact that it is completely isolated with no restaurants, gas stations, hotels or hospitals over a 340-mile stretch.

But it has plenty of warning regarding avalanches and steep turns to compensate.

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