10 Of The Most Gorgeous Trees And Where To Find Them

How often do you hug trees? You might want to after reading this!

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There are many reasons to love them! They change carbon di oxide into oxygen, they are natural umbrellas and they give us basic necessities; the list can go on and on. Trees make the world greener and brighter by simply existing. Below are 10 most gorgeous trees around the world. And we’re sure that you’ll want to see them in person.

#1 Maple Trees, Japan


Maple trees are stunning. They can be found in Japan, South Korea, and Russia. They are many breeds of the Japanese maple trees and can be found all over the world.

#2 Trees at Slope Point, New Zealand


At Slope Point in New Zealand, the weather is pretty harsh.Strong and consistent winds are blown that resulted in the trees twisting in the direction of the wind. They are taken care of by the farmers who stay nearby.

 #3 Antartic Beech, US

Antartic Beech

These are normally found in Chile and Argentina. They are also found in the U.S in the Northern Pacific region. Who knew Moss hanging on a tree could look so pretty?

#4 Wisteria Trees, Japan


It is also pronounced as ‘Wysteria’. These are woody climbing vines and they are seen in Japan. Some of them are very old and the vines grow 10 feet a year.

#5 Cherry Blossom, Japan

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom festival paints Japan pink in spring. And we love how beautiful nature can be! During the months of March and April, most of the foreigners go only to visit this festival.

#6 Rainbow Eucalyptus, Florida

Rainbow Eucalyptus

A rainbow in a tree, how brilliant is that? These Rainbow Eucalyptus are found in Texas and Florida in U.S.A. These are useful for production of oils and paper.

#7 Dragon’s Blood, Yemen

Dragon Blood

These can grow for 300 years. They are found off the coast of Yemen in Socotra. There is a legend about them, they were born as a result of a bloody battle between elephants and dragons.

#8 Angel Oak, U.S.A


Angel Oaks are found in South Carolina, U.S.A. This tree is amongst the oldest living organism living near the Mississippi river. It is 67 feet tall and 1400-1500 years old.

#9 Bristlecone Pine, Calfornia


This is amongst the longest living organisms on the planet. Methuselah, the tree is situated in the White Mountains of Calfornia. It is approx 5000 years old.

#10 Wintry Trees, Sweden

Plow Dykes Winter Snow Tree Sweden

Is this what heaven looks like? These are found in Darlana Sweden. And we’re packing our bags right away!

Which ones are you seeing first?

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