10 Musicians Who Thought Their Greatest Hit Was The Worst Music They Ever Heard

Many artists have to live with their ‘claim to fame’. It is not a one-hit wonder. These musicians have gone on to make a long successful career that has become legendary.However, that one song from their discography keeps haunting them because it is more popular than any of their other work.

It is exactly same as being reminded your entire life that you won that award at school even though you have achieved far more important things in life. Like start a rock band or become a CEO at 24 (none of those actually happened, but a girl can dream, so can boys. Coz feminism!)

These artists and bands absolutely hated their most ‘mainstream’ work and dispised performing it in live shows.

#1. Smells Like Teen Spirit

This Nirvana album is their most mainstream album. It was an intentional move that was a part of the producer’s strategy. Kurt Cobain hated this grunge anthem, mainly because it was a major ripoff of the Pixies. The song is probably the most memorable grunge song. He went on record on Rolling Stone to say that the song was an embarrassment. If given a chance, he’d rather throw his guitar and not play it at all.

#2. High And Dry – Radiohead

Every kid knows Radiohead hates Creep, but they hated this other song as well. The song was initially meant to be on their debut album, however, was included in their second one. It has been ages since they actually played the song live.

#3. Like A Virgin – Madonna

This song made Madonna a star. Well, she hates that this song was her ‘IT’ song. She famously claimed she’d want to be paid $3o million if she’d have to perform it ever again.

#4. Wonderwall – Oasis

This is that rock song that every rock fan is first introduced to and learns to play on the guitar. The song is catchy as heck and a staple at karaoke jukebox. Liam Gallagher hates singing the song. Well, you’d be angry too if you were asked to play that one song the millionth time.

#5. Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin

Granted that this is the song that all rock fans say has a ‘great solo’, Robert Plant hated playing it. He had the most normal of reactions to it. Plant wrote the lyrics to it and finally after playing it for the umpteenth time grew out of it. This is what happens when you are known for that one song with an awesome solo, you got to play it in every set!

#6. Party In The USA – Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus chalks this up as her bad decision. She stated that the song was an attempt at a pop hit – she is not a fan of pop music. Yep, that was a sellout move.

#7. Common People – Pulp

If you listen to the song, it is clear that the song is very simple. Maybe that is why it became such a hit and was even part of multiple movie soundtracks. Nick Banks, Pulp’s drummer felt the song was a garbage. Fans of course disagree.

#8. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen felt the song was about the hedonist culture. He did not like it, one bit.

#9. Strangers In The Night – Frank Sinatra

He fucking hated the song, he even went on record to say it was the worst song he has ever heard. When asked to perform in shows, he’d butcher the lyrics with expletives. Yep, he hated it more than anyone else on the planet. Sad that he had to perform it that many times.

#10. Royals – Lorde

This song made Lorde’s career. She, however, hated the original song so much and preferred to listen to the cover versions instead. Upon hearing the cover version, she realized the original wasn’t worth the hype.

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