The First Time 10 Mobile Phone Features We Take For Granted Were Launched

We can do pretty much whatever we want with our phones.

They’re marvels of modern technology, teeny-tiny devices with computing powers our ancestors couldn’t possibly have imagined. But all the bells and whistles we take for granted today really weren’t there all along.

It took a lot of time effort and dedication to get them to fit in the palm of your hand.



Priced at around $3995 in 1984, the world’s first handheld phone was developed by Motorola to replace the extremely heavy and cumbersome phones installed in cars that required a lot of power to use.

The phone took 10 hours to charge and offered about 30 minutes of talk time.

#2 Touchscreen, 1992


The Simon personal communicator was an amalgamation of a PDA and a mobile phone. The device was able to send and receive emails and faxes. It was also equipped with a calendar, calculator, electronic notepad and a world clock.

#3 SMS 1994


Matto Makkonen, the inventor of the SMS service claimed that this was the first phone to truly make SMS sending and receiving manageable.

The phone screen could show you two line of text at a time and showed lists of up to 10 previously dialled numbers.

#4 First Mobile Phone Game, 1994


One of the earliest people to venture into the mobile phones industry, the MT-2000 was also the first phone to have a built-in antenna for ease of use.

The game first available on the device was reportedly Tetris.

#5 GPS, 1999


The company Benefon began researching GPS safety phones in 1988.

The phone was more geared for durability and had a powerful antenna for tracking purposes.

#6 Music, 2000


The first phone to have MP3 capabilities, the M1000 was developed by Samsung ahead of then competitors like Nokia and Motorola.

The phone was announced as one of the all-time most influential gadgets from 1923 to 2010 by TIME magazine.

#7 The First Camera Phone 2000


Initially, the J-SHO4 was only available in Japan.

Made by the Sharp Corporation and released by J-Phone, it is thought of as the first phone with a properly integrated camera even though there were models before it that were equipped with makeshift cameras.

#8  First Front Camera 2003


Part of Sony’s Z Series clamshell phones, the Z1010 was revolutionary at the time.

However, with the dawn of apps like Instagram and selfies integrating into our daily vocabulary, the feature has become indispensable for all phone models that followed.

#9 First 3G phone, 2004


3G was a response to demand growing for phones that could be utilised for everyday activities and that provided the capability to be able to surf online.

The phone came pre-installed with a predecessor to modern phone browsers and an email application.

#10 Fingerprint Scanner, 2007


A Windows phone produced by Toshiba, the phone’s main feature was its fingerprint scanner. it allowed increasing security for the device which led to the popularization of the feature across multiple brands.

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