10 Interesting Geographical Facts About India That Would Leave You Wondering!

How many of you actually liked geography class? Well not many of us did. Maps, globes, boundaries, capitals and soil types kind of bored us until and unless we were meant to traverse the globe in the name of wanderlust. But there’s a lot more to the globe than those mundane theoretical geography books. Here are 10 interesting facts about India’s placement on the globe that would leave you wondering! Give them a try-

1. India shares a 106km long legal border with Afghanistan. Thanks to Jammu & Kashmir!


2. We are only four countries away from Italy with Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and Greece in between. And yet its costs a fortune for a honeymoon in Venice!


3. Delhi is almost equidistant to both Lahore (427 km) and Lucknow (474 km).


4. Nicobar is the closest point in India to Kuala Lumpur about 977km.


5Ahmedabad is nearly equidistant to Muscat and Chennai.


6. Delhi is closer to Kabul (1006 km) than it is to Mumbai (1396).


7. Kolkata is about 1614 km away from Bangkok through a flight. It is closer to Bangkok than it is to Mumbai (1660 km flight distance).


8. The Indian Ocean is the only ocean in the world named after a country. The Indian Ocean lies just beneath the Indian subcontinent and also explorers followed the route through the Indian Ocean to reach India, hence naming it the same.

Indian Ocean

9. Mawsynram, India, located in the Meghalaya State in India, is the wettest place on Earth, with an annual rainfall of 11,871 millimetres. Cherrapunji is the second wettest place following that.


10. Nagpur is the geographical centre of India and is home to a monument, ‘Zero Mile Stone’, that was erected by the Britishers sometime in the 1900s, marking the exact geographical centre of the country.


(Source: Quora)

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