10 Incredible Indian Photographers You Should Be Following On Instagram

The Indian Instagram scene is currently thriving. If you have a decent eye for visualization and a decent camera, you have tools enough to make it great on Instagram photography scene.

Since the community is moving from traditional means to a digital one, this shift to Instagram is a great way to get noticed and create a great portfolio. Here are a bunch of Instagram accounts of professional and hobbyist photographers that are simply amazing.

They are amazing at what they do and have their unique spin on creative photography.

We got in touch with them and asked them: ‘What makes you want to freeze the frame?’

Here’s what they had to say.

1. Sachiiiiin

“When I see a unique perspective of something that will make the viewer think twice or something that really catches my fancy!”

2. billie_jean_07

“Photography to me is capturing a moment in a frame. And freezing the frame is like giving an elixir of life to a moment. There should be some meaning and purpose to the subject in the frame. A fact that I want to highlight, an expression I want to immortalize or an emotion I want to reflect in the picture.”


Today, 2 years ago, on April 3rd 2015, I quit my lawyer job, lied to my parents and ran off to Thailand and Cambodia. 😎🙆 . Then The money ran out and I came back home quietly. Since then, I decided to build a life of travel. So that I could travel whenever and wherever I wanted, and get paid to do it! 💃☇ . Getting rid of our apartment, and selling of all our stuff and setting off on a round the world trip is the best decision we ever made!💫 . 7 countries, and countless stories, and so much yummy food and I know I'm just getting started! 💥 . Got so many cool projects lined up this year across South east Asia.🏮☇😁🍠 . And then I make my way around the rest of the world with my favourite person.🌍👫 . New video of hiking along the Pacific Ocean is up! 🌊Will you watch? 💕🎈 . #secondbreakfastintaiwan

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“I recently set out on a hopefully never-ending, round the world trip. I love capturing daily moments that I want to have with me forever. I want to freeze the frame when I see those moments, especially the magic and joy in the unexpected and ordinary places.”

 4. joshidaniel

“As of now, my Instagram looks totally different from my PhotoBlog. On my PhotoBlog I just post Images of People and I love taking portraits. But my Instagram is a collection of beautiful things that I see mostly while traveling. So what makes me freeze the frame – It is when I want to document the beauty that I get to see in a nice or different perspective.”

5. omkar_shinde

“Understanding at times that what’s in front may not come by again and knowing that the world must also witness what I’m seeing, makes me want to freeze the frame. :’) …  Hope this suffices.” 🌷

6. barun_bordoloi

“Maybe sometimes it’s hard to keep a memory of yourself in your mind, just can’t. A photograph can be the token to your good memories.”

7. pixelsior

Thank you so much for #50K guys! Thank you for all the love that you guys have given me recently. I have a huge surprise for you guys, but I don't want to jinx it now, so I shall reveal it soon. I'm going to be giving you guys a chance to win something huge! I'll be announcing it soon. Thank you for liking my pictures, commenting, saving them, and if you're none of the above, thankyou for just being here. Your appreciation means a lot to me. // Picture taken and edited by @whoispooja // . . . . #doingthebrandonwoelfel #HypeBeast #vscoportrait #ig_mood#discoverportrait #portraitphotography#profile_vision #bleachmyfilm #postmoreportraits#portraitpage #igpodium_portraits #portraiture#makeportraits #ftwotw #makeportraitsnotwar#quietthechaos #makeportraitsmag #expofilm#humaneffect #portrait_perfection #agameofportraits#pursuitofportraits #portraitisreligion #peopleinframe#photographers_of_india #portraits #mypixeldiary

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” I take pictures to share what I see, with people who can’t travel as much as I can. I want people to feel the way I felt when I saw the scene, and that’s how I frame the pictures. I want to make them feel like they’re not just looking at the picture, but they’re experiencing it.”

“I want my pictures to convey a certain mood and stand out from the rest of the cliché photos.
After a month when I’m scrolling through my feed, I want to look at my pictures and think ‘wow, did I really work this hard to get this shot?’. This is the kind of satisfaction that encourages me to freeze the frame.”


9. thegreatindianlife

Nothing beats the view….. #instapic #peace

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“For me, each picture I take is somehow related to my life. For me, it’s all about seizing the moment and conveying something across, and moreover because I don’t wanna miss something so beautiful.”

10. coffee.karma

“There are so many instances which you visualize when you travel on daily basis. I have walked a lot during my school and college days. Hence, my eyes are very receptive to the everyday grind. 
Traveling gives me peace. In life, we come across various moments which are magical, special, emotional and visual. I like to freeze those moments with a feeling that maybe after 5 years when I’ll see those photographs, I’ll get a smile on my face. Those memories can be relived.”

These Instagrammers will surely make you want to take up photography.

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