10 Incredible Hindi Movies That Left Us Wondering What Happens After The End

There are some works of fiction in the Bollywood industry that are simply beyond explanation. They have woven human intricacies into fictional stories and everybody is left with just a single choice, to connect with the characters. While we may have our regrets for converting shallow stories into 100 crore films, there is another off mainstream genre in Bollywood that speaks volumes about its scriptwriters and directors.

While such kind of cinema garners fewer numbers, the popular connect it gathers is commendable. Often we are left with endings that are abrupt, leaving us in sheer awe of the possibilities that the story might offer. Here are  15 incredibly written movies that left the end of the story to the viewer’s imagination.

1. Piku

The Shoojit Sircar directorial was a serious take on a trivial matter of constipation or maybe the other way round. And the nuances of a bittersweet relationship between an aging father and a young bachelorette daughter were caught well too. But throughout the movie, we kept getting flickering glimpses of an unsaid romance budding between Piku and the driver Rana.


In the end, Baba finally gets to rest in peace after a peaceful motion. But we are left hanging in the middle wondering if anything else cooks up between Piku and Rana after the badminton match!

2. The Lunch Box

The love that brews up between a widower and a young wife who have never met but only shared a lunchbox was impeccable. The unconventional love story has an even unique ending. Does Ila ever get to meet Saajan or she starts living in Bhutan with her daughter, just like she had planned?


3. Newton

The struggle of a middle-class sincere government official with the system and its corrupt mode of elections was beautifully carried out by Rajkumar Rao. But we all could sense impending sparks between Newton and Malko. And the abrupt ending with a conversation between the two at Newton’s office leaves us thinking forever.


4. Masaan

The story of love, loss, and acceptance has a beautiful ending with both Devi and Deepak trying to let go of their hearts in the Ganges. And that is exactly where a hope sparks the viewer if Devi and Deepak could fill in each other’s void too?


5. Udaan

The coming of age drama film talked about the widening communication gap between parents and their children. Through the story of Rohan, who is constantly humiliated and assaulted in the hands of his father, the end seems to be a perfect fit. If only we would know where Rohan ends with his half-brother Arjun, or if he even does end anywhere?


6. Udta Punjab

The black comedy based on the drug mafia in Punjab has a subtle ending with Kumari and Tommy getting rid of her abductors. But Kumari signing off as Mary Jane as she talks blushingly to Tommy on phone leaves us with so many questions.


7. Chef

The latest Bollywood remake of ‘Chef’ is an interesting father-son driven story. But we are left wondering if Roshan chooses to stay with Ary out of marriage or Radha too gets to make an entry in his life?


8. Haraamkhor

An illegitimate affair between a married high school teacher and his young student is brought to an absurd end. When their secret comes out, Shyam is killed by one of the younger kids who have a crush on Sandhya trying to save one of his friends. At the end, Shyam and one kid are dead while Sandhya arrives at the scene, closing the story for us.


9. Dil Dhadakne Do

A family drama ends with the whole lot landing on a lifeboat to help Kabir find Farah. This becomes the first time that the Mehra family is completely happy to be together and ends on a smiling note. We are still left wondering if this marks the start of a life between Ayesha and Sunny? Does Kabir find Farah and they end up together or does he end up in jail for breaching the cruise rules? Well, let’s hope for the best!


10. Waiting

The movie is in fact about ‘waiting’ and leaves the viewer waiting for some closure at the end. Both Shiv and Tara connect at a hospital over a common grief of waiting for their spouses who are in coma. As they both develop a bond sitting in the hospital, the end of the movie marks Tara waiting for her husband who has been sent for a surgery while Shiv waits to see if his wife would live off the ventilator.


What do you think happens in the end? Maybe, that’s what the story is all about, leaving it to the viewer’s imagination!

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