10 Utterly Illogical Things People Get To Say Only In India

India is an emerging democracy that is majorly functioning on its freedom of expression. People in India have a right to express their opinion and not many times people with power have been very responsible with their statements. Time and again, people in India have said illogical things that sounded downright bizarre leaving us looking for their brains if they just fell out of their skulls. Don’t believe me, here are 10 Indians who would leave you pulling your hair.

1. Sakshi Maharaj and Kedarnath earthquakes

While the weather experts are crying about global warming, this man has the best possible explanation for the earthquake in Kedarnath that cost thousands of deaths.

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2. Customised babies and RSS

RSS has outpassed science by finding a brand new solution to perfect fair babies under Garbh Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra by 2020.

3. Abhijeet on Salman Khan hit and run case

Could love for Bhai be any blinder? Because clearly, Abhijeet did not see what would come after he blurted this out !

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4. Mukesh Singh justifies Delhi gangrape

Mukesh Singh, the driver and one of the convicts in the Nirbhaya case, tries to put forth his garbage thoughts on his actions. May he rot in hell.


5. Ghulam Nabi Azad on population control

This man has taken the burden of population control off condom companies. Tata Sky, you’ve got to do something here.


6. Narendra Modi on Gujarat facing malnutrition

Before judging his impeccable moves with demonetization, one-minute silence for Mr. Modi’s perfect justification to Gujarat’s malnutrition given in an interview to Wall Street Journal.


7. Jitender Chhatar on chowmein and rape

No wonder, Delhi, and momos don’t get along well.


8. Ameesha Patel for not standing for Nation Anthem

When Kushal Tandon behaved like a perfect ‘I will complain to the teacher’ guy and posted Ameesha’s picture, sitting during the national anthem before a movie, on Twitter, she had a reason worth millions of dollars.


9. Rajesh Loya and the hazards of tight clothes

This Nagpur Mahanagar Sanghchalak from RSS has got the woes of wearing heels and tight clothes on point.


10. Sakshi Maharaj on Hindu demographics

Sakshi Maharaj nailed it once again! Just the right way to run a secular nation.


Where were these people when common sense was being distributed?

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