10 Most Creative Last Words Any Millennial Can Use On Their Death Bed

Last words are important. They give a gist of the life you’ve lived and tell your story. Getting your last words right is, of course, tricky since you can’t really predict your death unless you are a clairvoyant (people who can foresee future).

So while others are busy making their careers and planning for their next goals, here I am wondering what my last words will be and I better make it worth the while.

That train of thought got me thinking, what could possibly be the craziest last words any one could use. I’ve got some for you!


01 (1)

Life seems like a long journey when all you’ve been waiting for is your number to arrive. Whether it’s that promotion or finally winning a contest.


02 (1)

Well, chain-smoking is your thing, this is a perfectly fine thing to say as your last words. You die with a message for people, hoping that your untimely death will set a better example. You indirectly died for a cause, you see.



We will leave you to imagine if this was a natural death or if the person took his/her own life after incessant sales calls from various banks. This person most probably died from pent up rage incited by the bank reps trying to shove credit card down his throat.



Life has played a cruel game with you and now you are ready for some payback. The last thing your mouth utters is ‘tick tick 10’ and then you float off into the beautiful afterlife. You can only hope they have pizza on the other side.



Don’t know about the nation, but this would be a badass way to say farewell. Does end things on a positive note, for others.



If you couldn’t be Sharmaji’s beta or compete with him; in death you could win. While you are ready for the sweet void, be sure to use this line.



Nothing instills fear easier than your browsing history. Make sure your wingman knows your last wishes!



Leaving people with this song in their heads is the greatest gift (and a curse *evil grin*). Hum it aloud while you go. Better yet, make sure it’s on your funeral playlist.



Channeling your inner Nana Patekar on your deathbed is the coolest way to go honestly.



You died doing what you love, online shopping.

Disclaimer: This article is a satire.

Can you think of any funnier last words? Hit up the comments and let us know!

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