10 Fun Things You Can Do Using Google Chrome In Case You’re Incredibly Bored

The internet is too fascinating for anyone to possibly get bored while using it, right?

But for those of you who have incredibly high standards when it comes to your amusement, Google offers some great ways to kill the boredom.

#1 Play Zerg Rush


Based on the game StarCraft, typing Zerg Rush into Google unlocks a secret game where you win by eliminating the circles that attack your search screen.

#2 Watch Google Lose Its Balance

The word askew means “not in a level position” according to Google’s first entry. But even better than the definition is what happens when you type the word in. Google’s result window will tilt adorably like a toddler drunk on milk.

#3 Feel Better When Your Net Goes Down


Have you ever lost your net connection and been greeted with a tiny dinosaur. Feel free to click on him and watch him run till you realize you can make him jump over cacti in this simple yet addictive game.

#4 Watch Google Roll Over


Clearly, the people behind the popular search engine have a nifty sense of humour. A reference to the Super Nintendo game Starfox, typing the words “Do a barrel roll” into Google will make the results page roll over.

#5 Play Pac Man

Google released a Pac Man doodle in 2010 to celebrate the game’s anniversary. However, you can still access it here and go nuts playing the popular arcade game for hours on end.

#6 Type “Blink HTML” For A Trippy Experience

Are you bored enough to be amused by bright lights and flashing signs? Then do we have the life hack for you!

Simple type Blink HTML into Google and watch blinking words till the world fades away.

#7 Mess Around With Google Gravity

If you’re in the mood to play God for no reasons, head over to “Google Gravity”.

The search engine will simply give up and drop to the floor where you can then move random pieces around to entertain yourself.

#8 The Answer To Everything

42 is a really important number, simply head over to Wikipedia to find out why. But the number has an even more important meaning for fans of the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. The book touts the number as the answer to the universe which is why when you type in “the answer to life, the universe and everything” into Google seeing 42 as the answer is especially satisfying.

#9 Play Atari Breakout

The Atari console was far before out rime but an important part of the development of video games as we know them today. And one of the consoles bigger hits was Breakout. A brick destroying game you can still play on Google.

Head over to Google image search and type “Atari breakout” to access the game once again. 

#10 Let Google Trap You In a Time Loop

Google’s did you mean feature is pretty handy for those who can’t spell to save their lives. But they’ve used it to sneak in a clever little joke.

The word “recursion” means occurring repeatedly. So if you Google that word you’ll end up with a helpful suggestion that will redirect you to the word “recursion” and then it will do the same thing again and again and again.

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