10 Airports So Fancy That You Will Want To Skip Your Flight

I am a big believer that airports are magical places. If you were ever delayed at airports, just look around, there are so many stories happening. The goodbyes and welcomes are heartfelt.

People who have these airports are especially lucky. These airports have the best features, are pretty and luxurious.

#1. Singapore Changi International Airport

It has been consistently been rated as the best international airport. The premise is a spectacle in itself, it houses an indoor waterfall, open-air decks and countless restaurants, all designed with the best aesthetics.


#2. Incheon International Airport, Korea

Not many airports can boast of an ice skating rink. It also hosts live performances and is home to a museum.


#3. Hong Kong International Airport

The airport has all the amenities that a visitor might need. From education park to keep the kids occupied to arts and entertainment center, it has all under one roof.


#4.Hamad International Airport, Doha

If you love to shop till you drop, this is the airport you’d want to lounge in. It has multiple shops for each need from chocolatier to luxury goods. If you are in need of a good rest, it has a quiet room for passengers to sleep and relax.


#5.Chubu Centrair International Airport, Central Japan

Tired of waiting for your flights? Well, you can wait for your next layover by pampering yourself with spa treatments. Airports usually don’t boast of good cuisine, but this one specializes in Japanese and Korean gourmet cuisine.


#6. Heathrow International Airport, UK

True to its British nature, the airport has a full-waiter service. If your flight is delayed, you can even book a ticket in the in-premise cinema.


#7. Frankfurt International Airport, Germany

The airport features a casino on Level 2. It also houses a flight simulator which passengers can try out under the supervision of a commercial airline pilot.


#8. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

It has an in-house museum and a library that will keep you occupied for hours.


#9.Vancouver Airport

From spa service to a butler concierge service, this airport is built for luxurious travel.


#10.Zurich Airport

It has nine lounges that serve the best liquor in the world. Got a sweet tooth? More than 80 shops sell varieties of chocolates here. If that isn’t enough to entice you, I don’t know what will. This is the airport you would want to have your flight canceled at.


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