10 Dangerous Things That We Won’t Do Today Which Were Completely Normal In The Past

The world that we live in today is a lot different than what it was before. Crime rates have increased, medical developments have made certain diseases extinct, global warming is real and a lot more. But if you think we are a crazy bunch of people, you will be surprised to know that the humans were a lot crazier before! Here are 10 things that we the millennials would never think of doing, which were completely legit and okay back in time.

1. Sending children through mail

Would you leave your kid with a stranger today? Well, thanks to Crime Patrol, you won’t. But transferring children through the post was a very legit idea in the 20th century. And this is how kids were posted!

2. Smoking during pregnancy

Well, Suresh from the ad would not be happy to hear this but smoking was very much advisable to pregnant women to get rid of constipation. Smoking was liberally advertised on TV commercials.

3. Collecting body parts

You would have heard about collecting stamps, coins or artifacts, but would you think about collecting human body parts? Umm, people used to collect human body parts, like this man who is perfectly happy with the skull of a Japanese soldier.

4. Cocaine was openly advertised for snorting

In the 1970’s, companies openly advertised cocaine for snorting and the drug wasn’t illegal back then. The drug was easily available in drug stores and was used for toothaches and coughs. One ad claimed cocaine to be perfectly safe for you, your lady and your baby!

5. Baby cages for outdoor use

In the 1930’s, the only way to make your baby play in some fresh air was using outdoor cages for babies, so that you can sit and relax without a care!

6. Human Zoos

Yes, you read it right. People from Africa and Asia were kept in a zoo to explain Darwin’s theory of evolution. Here is a picture of Selk’Nam natives kept in an exhibit in human zoos while being taken to Europe.

7. Kids were allowed a cigar!

Back then, children were involved in smoking cigars until the World War 1. If you google, there is a large number of European postcards featuring boys and girls age 4 to 8, with cigars or cigarettes.

8. You could smoke in a domestic flight

Back in the 1960’s, smoking was very much allowed on a domestic flight. It was only in the 1970’s that flight attendants pushed for a complete ban of tobacco on the plane.

9. Chain smoking was actually a thing

You think you’re a chain smoker? Well, how about the ultimate chain smoker from the 1950’s?

10. Mental Hospitals were used for amusement

The mentally ill people were treated miserably at the mental hospitals where they were chained, rarely fed and locked away. Also, the owners would use mental hospitals for the purpose of amusement by allowing people to have a look at them or even poke them with sticks. This was a viable source of fun in the 17th century.

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