10 Quirky Theme Restaurants In India You Must Ditch Your Usual Candlelight Dinner For

Planning a date night? How about doing something unconventional this time?
Because mainstream candlelight dinners are too cliched, right?

But if you must do dinner, here are 10 restaurants in India that are everything but usual.

These themed restaurants are uber cool and have a completely quirky concept, something that is new for our usual ‘CCD’ generation.

1. Bhaijaanz, Mumbai

All the Salman fans, this is the place where you have to have a meal.

The place is dedicated to Salman Khan and also has an imitation of the balcony of his house. The menu too speaks of his iconic movie roles and Salman Bhai is going to stay with you the entire time on the screens with his songs!


You would find the restaurant at Carter Road, Bandra, Mumbai.


2. Ciclo Café, Gurgaon

You may not have the inspiration to cycle into a healthy lifestyle, but would you fancy a cappuccino with cycles around?

This Gurgaon cafe, inspired from cycles has everything related to bikes. The place overflows with the cycle theme, with books on cycling, cycling helmets decorating the walls.


Interestingly, the place also has its own in-house cycle store and a spa.


3. Central Perk, Pune

If you don’t know what the cafe means, probably the place is not for you.

But if you too have a crazy gang of friends, this recreation of the nostalgic TV show is just the right space for you and your bunch of baboons!


4. The Westeros, Delhi

If you’re crazy for the gory world of Game of Thrones, this place has got you sorted.

And guess what, it does have a life-size iron throne for your picture-perfect Instagram account!

westeros cafe in lajpat nagar

5. The Minnions, Delhi

Are you a minion fan?

‘The Minnions’ cafe is your dream come true and is actually owned by a couple who found their common love for minions as their cupid. So if you’re taking the love of your life to some quirky place, this might be the place to pep it up a bit!


6. Café Platform Nine And Three-Quarters, New Delhi

Hidden somewhere like a precious gem is the dreamy Harry Potter themed cafe that is simply a reason for every Potterhead to rejoice over a cup of coffee.

With walls coming straight from the stills from the movie, the place is also full of movie-themed artwork.


What comes handy is the economical menu and north Indian food.


7. Kaidi Kitchen

The chain of jail themed restaurants provides you food as if you’re behind the bars, only that the food is lip-smackingly delicious.

Even the service people are dress like ‘Kaisis’ in black and white striped attire and the managers are dressed as policemen.


8. Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad

If weird things are your forte, this toilet-themed cafe is a must try. With toilet commodes and tables for your seating, the cutlery and crockery of the cafe is an imitation of all things poopy!


9. Rainforest, Mumbai

If you cannot plan a trip to the rainforests around the Amazon, we have got you covered with the Rainforest restaurant in Mumbai.

With dense foliage covering your heads, wooden tables, and chairs with creepers covering your seating space, this has to be the final abode for a nature lover.


10. Hawai Adda, Ludhiana

Well, there is hardly good food if you are flying economy and we don’t know much about the business class, but Hawai Adda at Ludhiana has got your dreams of having a sumptuous meal in an airplane covered.

Built with a real-life scrapped airplane, the restaurant is one amazing experience to have if you’re planning to get your hands on a Punjabi meal.


We hope you’re taking notes!

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