10 Bollywood Movies That Could Have Used A Better Plot For The Love Of God

Bollywood movies make up most of our cinematic exposure. Through their musical drama, life seems manageable! With time Bollywood movies have become stories of substance impacting the society in its own ways. Actors have become even more talented, scripts are becoming better and every now and then Bollywood movies have found their way to international recognition. However, there are some movies that just don’t get the art of movie making.While the cast was good, what they lacked was a decent plot. These are 10 movies who could have used a better plot, for we as audience definitely deserve better.

1. Gayab

Not that we have a problem with Tusshar Kapoor, but just selling us the idea that being invisible is the solution to every problem in the world is just silly. We’d have loved the movie if the plot circled more around the characters so we could care about them as much as we should’ve.

What good came out of this: Antara Mali changed the world with her uni-dimensional role.


2. Shivaay

A trek through the Himalayas, saving a girl from the avalanche and getting her pregnant, keeping the baby, fighting for her, nothing, absolutely nothing justifies this Diwali gift by Ajay Devgn.

What good came out of this: Baadshah chanting ‘Bolo Har Har’ hymns for a change. 

3. Naach

Why should we pay to watch someone else staring a girl while she tries her hand (oops, legs!) at dancing! Despite the fact that the movie was named Naach, we did not find any good dancing.


What good came out of this: Abhishek Bachchan got stare Antara Mali! 

4. Shaandar

The movie had nothing to say except for the fact that the key to fighting insomnia is to find another insomniac and try sleeping with each other.

What good came out of this: We could finally fight insomnia

5. Kaal

You finally get to go to the Jim Corbett national park and all you find is a ghost who’s also a wildlife activist. Explain that!

What good came out of this: We got to see an endangered tiger for a split second! 

6. Joker

Except for the extraterrestrial, nobody on this planet would have the patience to sit through the entire movie. This movie did not just need a plot but could have also used better costumes for the sake of our eyes.


What good came out of this: Chintragadha Singh!

7. Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola

Even an actor like Pankaj Kapoor could not make us go back home happy with this weird story that actually had no purpose at all.


What good came out of this: People finally got to know who Mao is! 

8. Harry Met Sejal

A well to do man is lost in his life, god knows why. And he suddenly falls in love with a girl with a terrible Gujarati accent who has lost her engagement ring. Can we please get to hear a story now?

What good came out of this: Imtiaz Ali knows whom not to cast in his film next time.

9. Delhi 6

All the fuss over religion is actually created due to a ‘monkey man’ and we are forcefully made to feel that we genuinely have evolved through the apes. While the film did have its moments, but we terribly terribly craved some more plot.

What good came out of this: The pigeon on Sonam’s head had quite a good debut. 

10. Aiyaa

The one and only thing that turned her on in the movie was the smell of an Agarbatti! Girl, get your nose checked.


What good came out of this: Agarbattis finally made it to the erotica list. 

So, do you have any movies who you would want to donate plots to? Let us know in the comments below!

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