10 Bizarre Mental Disorders That Are Possibly Beyond Your Imagination

When it comes to the human mind, there is no depth to which it can be explored. The little one might be only 2% of the whole body’s weight, yet if a single nerve in the vast neural network goes haywire, the outcomes are simply unimaginable.

We might be very well acquainted with one mental illness like depression, and the other lesser known ones like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder, however, there is no limit to where the dictionary of mental disorders ends.

It is sometimes surprising how the human brain that is so intelligent can wind you up in your own imaginative world of hallucinations and dreams. However, there are rarer mental illnesses that simply would raise your eyebrows and get you thinking! I don’t know if you would ever come across someone with any of them, but yes they do exist and are another doorway into the inside world of a human brain. Here are 13 completely bizarre mental disorders that we bet you wouldn’t have heard about, until now!

#1 Walking Corpse Syndrome

You may think this disorder might have someone to do with being dead tired, but Cotard’s Syndrome or Walking Corpse Syndrome makes a person believe that he is actually dead or doesn’t exist. The syndrome is basically linked to chronical depression where a person is highly sleep deprived or suffers drug psychosis. The person actually convinces himself that he is not alive anymore, putrefying, or has lost his blood or internal organs.


#2 Alice In Wonderland Syndrome

Also known as Micropsia, it is a visually neurological disorder where the patient starts seeing the object as much smaller than the actual size. The person can perceive the car as the size of a cat as if they are looking at the world from the wrong side of the telescope. The interesting thing is that the disorder has nothing to do with any deficiency of the eye, but the way the brain interprets the eye’s inputs. The illness is known to affect children between the age of 5-10 years old.


#3  Self-Cannibalism

While we know there are people who enjoy eating other people’s flesh, Self Cannibalism makes a person start consuming his own body parts. The disorder mainly affects joints, muscles, and brains by over production of uric acid that leads to compulsive lip and finger biting in many cases. In most of the cases, the teeth of the patients are removed in order to keep them from eating themselves. The condition is known to occur more in boys.


#4 Erotomania

We have all gone through that insane phase where we were hell sure that the person we love is madly in love with us, no matter what. However, patients of erotomania hold the delusion that a person usually, a celebrity or someone from a high social status is madly in love with them.


They also start believing that the same person is making every move to reach to them, through their glances, actions, telepathy messages and what not. The patient then tries to respond back through letters and messages. Also, if in case the infatuated person denies any affection, the patient remains unconvinced and undeterred from his belief.

#5 Lycanthropy

Have you ever felt like sleeping the entire day like a sloth? Well, do you know that there is actually a mental disorder where the person is convinced that he is turning into an animal or transforming into one? In cases of Boanthropy, the patient starts thinking he is turning into a cow or an ox, actually hunching down on all fours, eating grass.


#6 Alien Hand Syndrome

No, this disorder doesn’t have anything to do with hallucinating about aliens. In this syndrome, a person’s hand starts moving involuntarily without any control. The condition arises because of the miscommunication between the right and left the side of the brain.


The experience is very traumatic for the patients for they have no clue what their arm might start doing in the public. It almost feels as if the limb is foreign to the body, it can start groping people, dumping coffee, slapping a person and what not.

#7 Aboulomania

Do you feel that it’s sometimes too difficult for you to make decisions? Like when you cannot decide whether to get married or not? Or which college to apply for? However, in Aboulomania, a person becomes indecisive about the most inane things, like going for a walk or making a cup of coffee or not. The uncertainty goes to such level that it results in hysteria and anxiety sometimes beyond control.


#8 Foreign Accent Syndrome

Remember the time Vidya Balan in Bhool Bhulaiya ended up speaking Bengali? Foreign Accent Syndrome is an extension of this where a person suddenly wakes up to a completely new accent, usually foreign, often post a surgery, head injury or a major migraine. The sufferer starts speaking his/her native language only but in a foreign accent. Till now there have been around 50 cases recorded and many of them lasted a few hours or sometimes were permanent.

Woman talking with alphabet letters coming out of her mouthSource

#9 Genital Retraction Syndrome

Also known as Koro syndrome, this is a psychotic disorder where a person starts believing that his genitals are retracting into their abdomen or breasts (in the case of women) are starting to shrink into their bodies, rendering them lifeless by the end. The condition is more prevalent in Southeast Asian countries and cases are known to have panic attacks in the public around shrinkage concerns.


#10 Pica 

People suffering from Pica have a compulsion to eat things that have no nutritional value or are inedible. The illness has further categories depending on what the patient is obsessed with eating, including Coprophagy, consumption of feces; Geophagy, the consumption of soil, clay or dirt; Hyalophagia, the consumption of glass; Trichophagia, consumption of hair or wool; or Urophagia, consumption of urine. The disorder can cause various complications in the human body and is very toxic to the patient due to obvious reasons.


Surely, when it comes to the brain, there are endless possibilities. And these are just a mere handful of them. Do you know of any other bizarre mental illnesses that would raise our eyebrows and make us thank our brain for working just fine?

Let us know in the comments below!

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