These Beautiful Poems Are What All The Girls Need To Read On This National Girl Child Day!

She is a daughter, sister, a wife and a mother, in all forms of love. Her compassion and strength have no limits and there is an infinite pool of care that blossoms right when she comes to life, a girl.

So much are we unsafe for the ‘xx chromosome’, that we have a National Girl Child Day, the 24th of every January. An attempt to let her be born, to live a life that is every way equal to her male counterparts, an initiative by our country, to give her the respect she deserves, safety that is her right and duty that we have towards the life that she is.

On this day, we skimmed through some verses of Hello Poetry and found some spectacular creations circling the girl child and her struggle through the ages. The pieces cross geographical boundaries and are what every girl child has gone through, a war with her fate, a war over life and death.

She doesn’t ask for much in return of her faith in the power of love. Her care knows no bounds with her umbilical heartbeat in her hand, her love needs no mention when she chooses one as her only one and her faith never meets its ends when she seeks solace in the arms of her father.

However, we as a country have not been able to acknowledge the purity that comes when ‘it’s a girl’ reaches our ears.

Yes, we are still in the process of killing millions before they are born, throwing many because they were born and burning those who somewhere survived.

We give them the air to breathe, not to live. We have homes for them, but never a safe haven. We even have their protectors, but somewhere they destroy them too.

Could we ever match up to the versatility that she holds by just being her?

Her only fault? She is a girl. And that’s more than enough for her constant struggle to ask for the freedom to live a life just the way men do. How many of us have, at some point of our lives, wanted to come back to life as a guy? Not because we are weak but because they can be strong.

Working late night? Partying late night? Her freedom is decided by the clock of the day for with the night, descends her doom.

Could there be a place where she is free to be who she is? Long hair or short hair? Skirts or pants? Drink or smoke? She won’t be judged, she won’t be classified. She is just a human being, born to be free.

This day, let’s pledge to be proud of being a girl and making all those who let us breathe, each day with dignity, prouder. To all the girls out there, You Go Girl!

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