These 10 Animals Have More Instagram Followers Than Most Of Us Have Combined

Whenever we have our phone under our hands, the first thing we do is check out the various social media pages. Let’s admit it, Instagram is our favourite place to go for pictures and memes. We end up scrolling through the pictures of landscapes, art and cute animals.

You might have couple thousands of followers on your profile but we are going to burst your bubble with these animal’s profiles. They are adorable, cute, cuddly and will always be more famous than you.

1. Jiffpom – 7.6million

He is the second best version of Thor! He is so cute and adorable, isn’t he?

Just look at the way he is giving those puppy eyes!

2. Nala – 3.5million

This adorable cat with cute round eyes was given to a shelter by her previous owners when she was just a tiny kitten. Luckily, she was later adopted.

Ain’t she the cutest?

3. Doug – 3.1 million

Have you seen any dog cooler than him?

Does anyone want a pug sandwich?

4. Marutaro – 2.6million

I could just keep looking at him!

The doggo can’t sleep with his toy friends!

5. Real grumpy cat– 2.4million

You might know this cat as the meme.

Grumpy and cute!

6. Marine – 2.1 million

Isn’t he the most goofiest?

Look at him play! He is so cute!

7. Juniper Fox– 2.1 Million

Isn’t he the perfect fox?

He is such an adorable fox! 

8. Lil bub – 1.7 million

The most captivating furball!

All I want for Christmas is sleep and more sleep! 

9. Loki – 1.7 million

The husky everyone wants and dreams of!

Nobody comes between me and my hooman

10. Pumpkin the racoon – 1.4 million

Netflix and chill with the doggo!

Dreaming about that damn food!

So how many followers do you have?

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