10 Dumb Things Prohibited Around The World That’ll Make You Feel Good About Your Country

It is illegal to wear blue jeans in North Korea.


What if we tell you that drinking chocolate milk is illegal, what would you do? We would have lost our heads over it, quite frankly. It is one thing when bad things are prohibited for good but when good things are prohibited then we can’t really do anything.

Here is a list of a few things that are prohibited all over the world and we’re leaving it for you to decide what you feel about it.

#1 Rescuing someone from drowning- China


The East philosophy stated that tempering someone’s fate is immoral. The law states this:

To save a drowning person is illegal, because the Chinese believe in fate, implacable and inflexible, with which you want to live in peace and harmony.

How unusual is this? Also, some skeptics think that this is yet another move to regulate the population of the country.

#2 To forget your wife’s birthday- Samoa


This one was probably initiated by a woman! Samoa is an island country that is probably not the best place for a forgetful person. God forbid if someone forgets a loved one’s birthday, that person pays a fine and it goes to the wife! How adorable, right? That way, our men will actually remember birthdays.

#3 Chewing gum- Singapore


Yes, you read it right. The rule was made to keep public spaces clean.

#4 Chickens crossing the road- Georgia


If you have a chicken in Georgia, it is illegal for it to cross the road. We wonder if something like this happens in India, how many would have gone against the law.

#5 Eating biscuits on the day of Christmas- United Kingdom


Back in 1644, Oliver Cornwell banned Christmas because he thought it is immoral. Well, he banned other attributes too like sweet buns, etc. However, the law hasn’t been abolished even after all these years.

#6 Reincarnation without the government’s permission- China


Rebirth of a soul is not in anyone’s control, right? A 2007 law “Management Measures for the Reincarnation of Living Buddhas in Tibetan Buddhism” made it illegal for Buddhist monks to reincarnate without prior government approval.

#7 Blue jeans-North Korea


This had to make it to the list, the reason is quite hilarious. The color blue is associated with the United States, so North Korea decided to ban it

#8 Dancing in clubs- Japan


Wow. This law was passed in 1948 and it was made to protect ‘public morals’. Also, dancing in public venues is only permissible at specially licensed establishments, and only until midnight.

#9 Jogging- Burundi


The citizens of Burundi used to take long jogs and it acted as a recharge as well as protection from the dangerous militias.However, in 2014, the country’s President banned jogging because it acted as covers for subversive activities.

#10 Showing your tattoo- Japan


There are several reasons for this. One is the previously mentioned associations with organized crime. Another, however, is less obvious and is rooted in the Japanese subconscious. We wonder what will happen if someone applies Mehendi.

In case you wanted to go to any of these places, you’re welcome.

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