Why Do YouTubers Hide The Brand Logos On Products They Might Use In Their Videos?

If you’ve ever wondered at some point why logos are blurred out when they make their appearances in YouTube videos, allow me to explain. The hiding/blurring a trademarked product is a practice called product displacement. It’s the opposite of product placement. 

The short answer is well, money. The long answer is well, longer:

Reason 1

Almost all YouTubers use products from multiple brands in their videos but it is likely that only one of those brands is paying them to advertise. So if you’re being sponsored by a company, you don’t want to inadvertently advertise for a competitor.


Reason 2

You might actually WANT a sponsorship. The best way to do this is to remain neutral until you’re approached by an advertiser. So why advertise for a brand for free when they will pay you to do it?

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Reason 3

It’s a Trademark issue. Unless it’s covered under fair use, the presentation of the trademark will need to be licensed, which costs money, so it’s easier to just cover it up.


Reason 4

There are cases in which a trademark owner may object to its logo being displayed, particularly when a product is portrayed in a negative light.

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Though such casual visuals may have been ignored in the past, many trademark owners today won’t hesitate to send out cease and desist letters to offenders. So I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry huh?

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