8 Worst Hairstyles In Bollywood History That You Will Never Ask Your Hairdresser To Recreate!

Having a great mane of hair gives a great sense of pride, to both genders. A good hair day instantly makes you feel confident enough to take on the day. But what if the hairstyle you happen to consider as stylish is actually all wrong for you? Bollywood has been through this goof up enough of times.

If you look back at the films in Bollywood has managed to produce in the past years, you will notice, that our films had some really bad hairstylists.

Here’s are worst hair offenders in Bollywood history.

#1.Akshay Kumar, Dishoom

worst hairstyles bollywood


Akshay Kumar is often not the one to be on such lists, but this hairstyle was just hideous. This man bun is just extra!

#2. Karisma Kapoor, Entire 90s

karisma kapoor


Karisma Kapoor ruled the roost of crazy curls teased for an effortless voluminous look. She had some variations of it and they sometimes had braids. These extreme braids are a look that cannot be fashionable in any era.

#3.Saif Ali Khan, Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone Bollywood Movie HD Wallpapers


This cult movie was everything that the youth needed. Zombies, guns and a whole lot of action, this movie was a necessity. One thing that was however not a necessity was Saif Ali Khan looking blond. This is definitely not a sight for the sore eyes.

#4. Salman Khan, Tere Naam

salman khan


No horrible hairstyle list is complete without Salman Khan’s Tere Naam mid-partition look. Not sure if he wore this look or the look wore him.

#5. Rekha, Madam X



Rekha’s look in Madam X is an entire collage of terrible hairstyles. The Bollywood diva managed to pull off one terrible mess after the other. This movie should be studied by hairstylist and fashion designers alike for what not to do in their careers.

#6.Priyanka Chopra, Love Story 2050

priyanka chopra

Before Priyanka Chopra became an international fashion icon, she rocked flaming red hair. It was not a good look for her.

#7. Kangana Ranaut, Tanu Weds Manu Returns



Kangana Ranaut’s performance in Tanu Wed Manu’s Returns was flawless. However, the look that her alter ego sported in the film was terrible. The short hair clearly looked like an ill-fitting wig.

#8.Hrithik Roshan, Lakshya



Hrithik Roshan not looking like a Greek god in films is uncommon. In Lakshya, he sported this horrific short hair that wasn’t his best look.

This proves that Bollywood needs to hire better hairstylists. If you are feeling bad about having horrible hair, refer back to this article and feel good about yourself.

Any other horrible hairstyles you spotted in Bollywood films? Hit up the comment section and let us know!

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