#WhyImPoorIn4Words Is Trending On Twitter And Everyone Is Contributing With Their Best Reasons

“Gareebo Ki Suno, Woh Tumhari Sunega” is Twitter’s latest cause as #WhyImPoorIn4Words trends.



Twitter trends are fickle. They change on a whim, going from one topic to another, without mercy. Sometimes, they have absolutely no purpose, but sometimes, they hit that sweet spot of problems only people on Twitter can possibly have.

Like complaining about poverty.

Granted, poverty means different things to different people, but this thread has come to embody the dumbest but truest reasons a lot of us end up miserable and broke at the end of each month. From overspending on food to having the guts to buy popcorn in a theatre, there’s a lot that people have regretted doing.

#1 Dude From India, Keeping It Real

#2 We Like To Eat Too

#3 Why Lie?

#4 Children Are Precious Things, Precious Expensive Things

#5 Uh…

#6 Food, We Got It

#7 Funny, We’re Not That Rich Even Without One

#8 India Speaks Up Once Again

#9 We Feel For You

#10 Yep

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