There’s A Lot Of People Who Get Credit For Coming First, Here’s To Those Who Almost Made It!

Coming first is the frigging dream! As a middle-class Indian child, there is nothing your parents will insist on more. There are some Indian and international children who have probably made their parents really proud by doing something first. But there needs to be a moment of silence devoted to those poor souls who came second. Almost got the recognition they deserved. The poor souls who tried really hard and ended up with a silver medal. Here are the silver medallists who deserve a little more recognition.

Because even though the ladies will appreciate you for coming second, history won’t.

Please Note: This is not to say, people, don’t know them. I just didn’t. Which made me assume there were equally uninformed people out there. 



Remember that iconic line from 3 Idiots where Boman Irani asks the room if they know who stepped on the moon after Neil Armstrong and a room full of engineering students stared at him like blank idiots. Because honestly, Buzz Aldrin is the best-known guy on this list.

Plus, he’s had a really interesting career trajectory following …ya know…the moon.

The man’s appeared on Dancing with the stars for god’s sake. What has Neil Armstrong done? Not that for sure.



So, based on this guy’s Wikipedia entry, there’s not a lot about him. Except he was the second dude to get on top of Everest. Also, he was from Switzerland.

Which probably means he ate better chocolate his entire life than you or I ever will.

So there’s that.



This guy is like the definition of “almost”. Almost there. Like just there – and then some ass named Usain Bolt takes it all away.

Bolt holds the current world record at 9.58 seconds, Tyson Gay is at 9.69.


Imagine if your title was taken away by the world’s least favourite sex position.



Rabindranath Tagore was a boss man. He wrote some epic poetry. He travelled to over 30 countries. He won a Nobel prize.

C.V. Raman was a boss man too. He did some epic experiments that discovered how light travels through transparent materials. He won a nobel prize too. Just after Tagore.

No jokes here. They were both men who actually made India proud. India is now a country where we enjoy shirtless pictures of Ranveer Singh. Just a thought.



Okay, sach ka samay aa gaya hain. I did no know this. It is shameful, yes.

To be fair, I did learn about him in my History textbook, this just really skipped my mind. Now that we’ve all learnt something new, let’s go out into the world and make it a better place to live.



When AR Rahman won an Oscar, India collectively lost its shit. Because even though we already knew that he’s awesome, now white people knew he’s awesome. YAY! White people!

But way before the Rah-man won an Oscar, Bhanu Athaiya won an Oscar for making the world believe that the Britishest British guy Ben Kingsley was Mahatma Gandhi. Like a reverse Fair and Lovely.

But in between these two, there was the genius Satyajit Ray.One of the biggest international names in Indian cinema. His Lifetime Achievement Award was given to him in 1992. Leaving his mark on cinema and on the collective indian psyche.

So hopefully, these epic people who just happened to come second will inspire you to do better with your life. Or at least not feel as bad about not coming first.

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