These 10 Craziest College Degrees Around The World Will Give You A Fit Of Jealously

India is obsessed with Engineers and doctors. This is a fact and a custom in the country. If you are sick of people falling for these predictable college degrees, just like you did, the future looks better for others. There are courses for literally the silliest things under the sun.

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones, guess what, there is a course for it. There are also some far crazier courses that will make you wish you could go back in time and change your major.

These college degrees will make you question your education and career path.

#1. Degree in Decision Science, Indiana University, USA

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If you are undecided and end up getting a Ph.D. in Decision Sciences, that is ironic. It is essentially a degree that helps you make logical decisions based on quantitative research and analytics. Think you wanna buy that new pair of shoes? You might have to calculate your income and quantify your need for it.

#2.Bowling Management, Vincennes University, USA

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Are you too much into Bowling? Then this is the perfect course for you. You can now specialize in bowling a perfect strike.

#3.Equine Horses, Becker College, USA

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With this degree, you can major in horses. The course also trains students to be an instructor.

#4.Game of Thrones, University of California, USA

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Are you a die-hard fan of GOT, well now you can put it to use. Here’s a GOT joke for you. How do students pass the class? They don’t, they get killed off.

#5.Citrus and Horticultural Science, Florida Southern College, USA

nimbuda nimbuda nimbuda
Nimbuda nimbuda nimbuda

Have a sour tooth? This college could be your thing. Students can learn planting, pruning and managing variety of citrus trees.

#6.The Science Of Batman, University of Victoria, Canada

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If you believe in the philosophy of Batman, then this course if made for you. The course studies Batman’s symbolism in pop culture and also as a metaphorical figure.

#7.Politics and History of Cannabis, Oaksterdam University, USA

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The University offers training for the cannabis industry. You heard it right! They teach you how to make money off cannabis. They have a hands-on training facility, too. 😉

#8. Packaging, Michigan State University, USA

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This American University offers various courses in packaging. That’s right, teaching you how to package various goods with minimum environmental impact. Sounds neat!

#9.Certificate Course in Puppetry, Mumbai University

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Ever thought of becoming a famous puppeteer? Mumbai University offers a course in it, teaching you how to stage performances.

#10. Tea Management, India

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If chai is life for you, maybe you should consider a career as a tea sommelier.  Getting paid to taste the tea and recommend the best of them, now that sounds great! Indian Institute of Plantation Management Bangalore,  Assam Agricultural UniversityIndian Institute of Plantation Management are some colleges in India that offer a course in Tea Management.

So totally jealous!

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