A School In Uttar Pradesh Is More Than Meets The Eye, Turns Into A Dance Bar After School Hours

People all across the nation are familiar with the Uttar Pradesh’s government’s firm stands on couples, eve teasing and beef. Which is why it is hilariously ironic that a government run primary school in the state turns into a dance bar when the sun goes down.

Uttar Pradesh


A primary school in Mirzabad underwent heavy media scrutiny recently. The reason is one most people wouldn’t really expect. The school becomes a dance bar at night.

And this happened on Raksha Bandhan.

Let the shadiness just soak in.

The incident took place in the village of Tetariya, Mirzapur.

Apparently, the school was closed form Saturday to Monday and the principal of the school handed over the keys to the Gram Pradhan. The dance bar themed party was thrown in honour of the gram pradhan’s son, because, that’s just what one does for their children. In attendance for this prestigious event, leaders from about 24 surrounding villages.

In a report by the Times Of India, you can see the women dancing as money is being thrown on them. And just in case this point still escaped anyone, this is all happening in a school.

Even though the event has been reported to the authorities, as of now, no action has been taken. A Basic Shiksha Adhikari Officer, Pravin Tiwari has been quoted as saying “We are preparing a detailed report of the incident, and it will be submitted to the district magistrate on Thursday for further action.” (Quote Source)

Both the authorities as well as the school faculties maintain that the staff had nothing to do with the incident.

At least there’s one tiny piece of good news we can cling onto.

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