This New Born Baby Is Definitely The Youngest Meme Ever On Twitter

This new born baby definitely qualifies as the youngest meme ever! Twitter has the eye of a hawk and this newborn baby was not going to get away from it. The social media platform is getting more brutal with each passing day and it did not even spare a newborn when it came to trolling.

This picture of a newborn in the hospital went viral on social media and it didn’t take long for Twitter to start trolling it.

Here’s the actual picture of a newborn:


Twitterati have their own way of looking at things and for them, this was not just another newborn in the hospital. This is how Twitter reacted to this picture:

Jokes apart, we honestly hope that the baby is healthy and is just doing things that newborns do in the hospital. We wouldn’t appreciate making a mockery of someone who’s suffering at such young age, otherwise, the baby is chilling like a #Boss!

Tell us what comes to your mind when you see this picture. Shoot your opinion in the comment section!

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