Twitter Gave Hair Locks A Whole New Meaning Today

Recently, there have been bizarre incidents of braid chopping in the country.


A series of ‘choti-cutting’ incidents have confused the nation. There have been speculations that a mysterious man cuts off women’s braid at night.

These braid cutting incidents have occurred in Haryana, UP, and Delhi. The ones behind these incidents are believed to be spirits or birds or ghosts. There was an image with a lock on the woman’s hair and twitter laughed at it.

Well today, twitter took the term ‘hair locks’ and gave it an entirely new meaning. Indian Twitterati does a brilliant job at making memes, someone should pay them.

#1 Let’s just lock the hair, shall we?

#2 Maybe, changing the shampoo would have been a better idea

#3 Hey, have you eaten some banarasi pan lately?

#4 Baal surakshit hai tumhare?

#5 Being punny

#6 When she actually ends up listening to you

#7 That’s exactly what happens

#8 Locking it up is safer than clipping it

#9 Who agrees with her?

Would you like to get hair locks done anytime soon?

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Shivani Ahuja

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