Can You Believe There Is A Village In India With 220 Sets of Twins?

Kerala is a state that as an extremely positive reputation in India. Who could possibly dislike the amazing combination of dosa, curry and boats? Plus, they boast a 93% literacy rate and a positive female to male sex ratio. People are confused as to how they’re so good at literally everything. But there is one more aspect of this state that will baffle you. The village of Kodinhi,¬†where 220 sets of twins were born to 2000 families. (h/t)


To give you an idea – that’s 6 times more twins than in the rest of the world! The town has gained such notoriety that it’s become a bit oof a tourist attraction and a spot of study for many confused experts. As of 2009, a certain Dr.¬†Krishan Sribiju had been studying the village for 2 years. In his opinion, the actual number is much, much higher.

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He’s also rubbished the reasoning that it is occurring because of pollutants in the environment, saying that if this was true, there would be deformities in the twins being born. However, he also made extremely interesting observations about the unique nature of the happenings in the village.

  1. Asians have the lowest rate for birthing twins worldwide
  2. Worldwide twins occur often because of IVF treatments, which is not the case in Kodinhi.
  3. Twins are typically born to older women who are on average 5’3 in height. Here the mothers are typically 19-20 years old and under 5ft

Our condolences to the school teachers in this town, who allegedly have a tough time telling the children apart. But this is truly one of the more fascinating things in India that defy explanation. Right after Anil Kapoor’s chest hair and Tiger Shroff’s appeal.

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