India, We’ll Be Missing The Solar Eclipse That Will Make 4 Planets Visible

The sky will be dark enough to see 4 planets on 21st August only in North America.


During the total solar eclipse, the moon will cast a 70 mile-wide shadow against the sun over the United States Of America. The mid-day sky will be darkened as the moon passes over the sun.

This will be the longest period when the moon will block the sun i.e 2 to 40 minutes. The last time the North America saw a total solar eclipse it was 1918.

The sky will be pitch black and U.S will have a naked eye view of 4 planets. The planets they would be able to see would be Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

Although no other country except North America will be able to see the solar eclipse. But, NASA has a solution for viewers from across the world. There will be 11 space crafts that will be capturing images before, during, and after the eclipse. You can keep a tab here

We know it’s sad that we can’t see it personally but we hope this makes up for it.

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