8 Tinder Matches That Didn’t End With Sex But Make For The Best Stories!

Tinder is probably the number one place to find both: the funniest and the scariest hookup stories. Having had some myself, I know this to be true. But these people on Quora had experiences way more bizarre than I did, not to mention insanely hilarious.

Have a laugh yourselves!

1. The girl I superliked ended up being my interviewer.

I wanted to swipe left but I ended up ‘Super Liking’ this girl. It was a match! From her bio, I learned that she worked for the same office that I had just applied for a job at. Thinking we might become colleagues, I asked her about it. She replied, “I am one of the people who does the interviews. I might see you there.”

A week later, I had one of the most awkward job interviews of my life, with the girl I superliked. I got the job. There was no mention of the T-word, however.


2. I could have sworn I’d seen that face before.

One day on Tinder, a lady in her forties matched with a man who seemed like he’d be able to provide her with the lifestyle she wanted. He was an accomplished politician with surprisingly liberal views. She was especially ecstatic when he told her he thought higher education should be free for all and bragged that she was going to go to college and make him pay for it. There was just one issue that was glaringly obvious from the beginning: She was talking to a fake profile of Bernie Sanders.


3. I matched with Albus Dumbledore!

I was just swiping, ever so nonchalantly, when the beauty that is Albus Dumbledore showed up on my screen. I swiped right. Within the hour, I received a message in my Tinder inbox:


Every once in awhile I go back to that chat and laugh, even though I’m married now. Not to him of course, I wasn’t sure I could handle the whole “never have enough socks” thing. Also, he’s gay.


4. I found a Pizza on Tinder.

I swiped right on a profile with the name “Pizza”. All the pictures were of beautifully photographed pizzas, and the description was – “Do you like pizza?” I found it hilarious, swiped right and texted “Hell yeah I do!” I got a reply sometime later, asking what my favourite pizza was. I told him. When he asked where I lived I told him the area next to mine. Then he asked for my number. I obliged.

Five minutes later, I get a call from Domino’s, asking me to confirm my prepaid order of my favourite pizza. The outlet already had my address because it was linked with my phone number, as I used to go there pretty often. Thirty minutes later there was a pizza at my doorstep. He sent me a text on Tinder saying, “I hoped you liked your pizza”, and then unmatched me.


5. I matched with my…cousin.

I was on Tinder this weekend at a family gathering and got my only female cousin on my screen. I swiped right as a joke… it was a match. We never talked about that.


6. I ended up getting a dresser instead of getting laid.

I chatted with a girl who had a nice dresser in one of her pictures. I needed a dresser for my new house. She ended up selling it to me for $10. That was a good hookup.


7. She hid my clothes!

I messaged this girl late one night and ended up going to her place at around 6 am. I woke up naked with a tight elastic band around my ankles. She had hidden my clothes. She insisted on spending the day together, but to make sure I didn’t run away, she didn’t tell me where my clothes were. She herself though, was fully clothed and asking me all about myself. To make things even stranger, she wrote down each of my answers to her questions.


8. Double Trouble!

I invited a girl I met on tinder over when my brother was visiting me at school. Since we’re identical twins and he didn’t want to be alone for the night,  I used the app to get him a girl too.

She thought he was me the entire time until the next morning when she asked my brother a question about my sports team that he couldn’t answer. I got some angry texts later.


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