A Hindu-Muslim Couple Skips Religious Ceremonies To Celebrate Their Wedding In A ‘Grand’ New Way

Secularism in our country is a very subjective word! It finds itself sitting proudly in the preamble, but is often denied a seat at weddings! Weddings in India to a very large extent come with conditions apply- we have the caste, the culture and above all the religion. If any one of them doesn’t match, there are chances your wedding is going to face a lot of criticism and emotional drama.

However, for Dubai-based newlyweds,¬† Junaid Shaikh and Garima Joshi, love won over everything and their ‘happily forever after’ kissed their feet. However, theirs in not just a usual ‘Two States’ story. The true story starts once they’re got a green signal from their families.

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Shaikh was Garima’s senior in Symbiosis in Pune, but it was much later in Dubai that the two of them started dating, knowing that the difference in their faiths might be a full stop to their love story. And the couple did have a lot of trouble trying to convince their parents.

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And one day, their parents did approve.¬†However, theirs in not just a usual ‘Two States’ story. The true story starts once they got a green signal from their families. The couple chose to skip with the ‘Nikaah‘ and the ‘Phere‘ and go ahead with a usual wedding ceremony that celebrated nothing but happiness.

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“The politics of India has managed to convince everyone that Hindus and Muslims are so different that they would never get along, let alone be married to each other. Hence we decided to avoid any conflicts and just celebrate our togetherness to see this day through,” Joshi told BuzzFeed.

This is how their wedding cake reflected their love and bonding, above any faith or culture.

Here’ a full video of their big day shot by Shutterdown Photography.


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